My BJD Family!

Yay! I can finally write about my doll family ūüôā As of the year 2014 I was the proud new owner of my first BJD which was a IOS-Popodoll hybrid Sezz ūüôā Then I managed to get an Iplehouse Aria, followed shortly by Fairyland Mirwen, Kien, Iplehouse Leonard, Fifth Motif Venitu and now my Idealian York and my grail, Iplehouse Claude.

It’s been a lot of fun having them around and now I am able to share some information about them with you all.

First we have…



Name:¬†Roan (aka ‘The Boss’)

Age: ???

Sculpt: IH Leonard in RS

Roan is the leader of the hitmen, hence his nickname. He¬†is responsible for occasionally scouting potentials and he only takes those who deems worthy under his wing.¬†He is Reiji and Jin’s mentor. A ruthless, sadistic but charismatic man, the Boss is the most manipulative and dangerous of the group. He is is also a heavy smoker and drinker. According to Reiji, he hasn’t seemed to have aged.

He surpassed his mentor and assumed leadership over the clan. Just like his proteges and those before him, Roan was taken from his family and he was brainwashed and trained to become a fully-fledged hitman.


FullSizeRender (4)

Name: Reiji

Age: Late twenties

Occupation: Hitman

Sculpt: Fifth Motif Venitu in Pureskin Oriental

Reiji is a hitman. He is expressionless and is also very silent. Nana is the only one he allegedly confides in and cherishes, and he will protect her with his life. It is said she can take one look at him and know what he is thinking and she is also the only one capable of understanding him. However, to others he is very aloof and uncaring.


As a hitman, he¬†doesn’t really know anything else except from violence and fighting. He wasn’t always like this though. He was born into a wealthy family and was well-educated; his father was a famous minister and his mother was well respected in the community. However, this all came to a stop when they became a¬†target for thieves.¬†At a young age, raiders invaded his home and his parents were killed;¬†they spared his life, seeing as he could be of further use to¬†them, and they took him with them.¬†Fearing that¬†people would recognise¬†him as the long lost son who was believed to have perished, they burned the lower half of his face.

The many years of growing up with strangers and brutal mercenaries were not kind. They forced him to undergo training and he learned how to defend himself, how to use various weapons and was then dispatched on several missions, or hits. Occasionally his missions were to steal from wealthy families and to kill the homeowners. Brainwashed by the thugs who raised him, Reiji became a ruthless hitman who carried out his missions without fail and became one of the most well-respected members of the group until he was given a certain target.

Now bred into an unfeeling and cold soldier of death, Reiji stormed into their mansion unseen until he¬†realised the house used to be his own. He came to realise that after his family died, the house was sold to a new family. He¬†entered his old room – which was now Nana’s room. Although he had emotionlessly executed his previous orders with no problems at all, when looking into Nana’s fearful eyes, something snapped. Something clicked. Something flickered into life in the depths of Reiji’s mind and he was briefly¬†recalled¬†all those terrible memories ¬†which he had shut away long, long ago. Those terrible memories which he strove so hard to bury resurfaced….¬†all those years of¬†harsh treatment of his captors, witnessing his family’s terrible deaths…it all clawed out and he broke down on the spot with a terrible but mournful wail, despairing¬†at all the¬†horrendous acts he had committed.




Name: Nana

Age: Early twenties

Sculpt: Iplehouse Aria in NS

Nana was born into a wealthy family and was very spoiled when she was younger. However, after the birth of her sister, Nana was no longer the only child and grew up to become more responsible over her little sister. Due to her parent’s important work,¬†they were never at home a lot so Nana took care of her sister most of the time. She is quite mature for her age, and she serves as Reiji’s moral compass.

Her story begins when Reiji breaks into their house. She was in her room when he broke in. Reiji’s intentions were clear but she bravely faced him; instead of pleading for him to spare her¬†life,¬†¬†she challenged him and something strange happened – Reiji broke down – although this confused her, Nana looked¬†into his eyes¬†and¬†she saw his confusion and despair.

Currently, she and Reiji are fugitives; they are constantly on the run from Roan and his hitmen.



Name: Kanna

Age: 13-14 years old

Sculpt: Fairyland Feeple60 Mirwen in NS

On the outside, she appears as a sinister little girl who enjoys playing pranks. Deep inside she is introverted and a misunderstood individual. She is shy and quiet and has a hard time making friends and has uncommon hobbies. She is very close to Grimm, who is her best friend, and he was able to get her out of her shell and she has lots in common with him. Generally, she is a lonely character who has a hard time relating to other people and people  take one look at her and think she is unfriendly and mean but it is the exact opposite.


FullSizeRender (3)

Name: Grimm

Occupation:¬†Wily schemer…

Sculpt: Dollclans Kien in NS

Grimm is a shady character whose background is shrouded in mystery. He is a wily schemer with lots in common in Kanna and sees her for whom she truly is, which shows that he is actually a very friendly and caring character with a big heart. He appears benevolent to Reiji and Nana however.



Name: Jin

Occupation: Hitman

Age: Late twenties

Sculpt: Soom Romantic York the Guardian in NS

Another hitman from Roan’s group who carries out his missions with no questions asked. His most notable trait is that he has eyes like a dead fish and seemingly possesses no emotion. Unlike Reiji, he has been unable to recover his past memories and he has no conscience whatsoever. He also has a sturdy physique and is considerably stronger than Reiji, making him a formidable opponent. His loyalty to The Boss is questionable, however, as he seems to have his own motives and no-one really knows what he is thinking.¬†He has a brother¬†called¬†Sakuya.




Name: Hikaru

Occupation: ???

Age: Early twenties

Sculpt: IH Claude in RS

Hikaru was raised in Japan; his father was German and his mother was Japanese. He has an easy-going nature and is the friendliest out of the group. He is The Baroness’ little brother so he actually has ties with The Boss indirectly, but he doesn’t appear to align himself with The Boss or the hitmen at all. He is actually friends with Nana.




Name: The Baroness

Age: Mid-twenties

Sculpt: IH Grace in NS

She is the wife of the Boss, although she rarely makes an appearance and no-one really knows much about her.

A long time ago, she was a Baroness known for her kind nature. One day, she found Roan, who was injured in a fight and broke into her mansion home, hiding from his pursuers. The Baroness cared for him, and he fell in love with her and when he recovered to his full strength, he left silently. He would return to her, kill her fiancé and then take her away. She lives with him and he constantly showers her with luxurious and exotic gifts, but she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings nor does she attempt to escape from his clutches. Rumor has it that she has accepted her fate.


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