BTS Wings Tour 2017 Hong Kong

I went to see BTS in Hong Kong at the Asia World Expo!!! I went twice, on Saturday and Sunday lol… This was actually back in May but I didn’t really have time to write about it.

I paid A LOT for my ticket. I was unable to go onto the Hong Kong official ticket because it was too busy and wasn’t able to access it for hours. We ended up having to go to Viagogo and also instagram.

The Wings Tour was sooooo good (especially Blood, Sweat and Tours). Because I’ve seen BTS at a fanmeet, I’ve heard the Blood, Sweat and Tears concert version before so I was really glad they did it again. They started the concert with Not Today which got everyone crazy and fired up. They then performed Am I Wrong, Bapsae and Dope.

They also performed their solos, Suga, J-Hope and Rapmon did Cypher Part 4, then Jungkook, V, Jin and Jimin did Lost, and the J-Hope, Suga and Rapmon came up on stage and they all performed Save Me and I Need U.

They also did Fire, a medley mash-up of N.O., Boy in Luv, No More Dream, Danger and Run. Then 21st Century Girls, Intro Boy Meets Evil, Blood Sweat and Tears, then Outro: Wings. 2! 3! and the last song was Spring Day.

I think the best songs performed live are definitely Not Today, Fire, Save Me, Blood Sweat and Tears and Outro, 2!3! and Spring Day. I got emotional near the end of the concert on the second day. The girl beside my sister on the first day of the concert started crying. And so did the girl sitting beside me on the second day ^_^”

BTS even spoke in Cantonese. V, Jimin and J-Hope were absolutely adorable. V was so serious about the cantonese, it was really funny. Rapmon and Jungkook were really good! Suga made everyone laugh, especially during the performance of Spring Day dance break. Jimin also fell during Spring Day when they all crowd to the camera and J-Hope does his rapping part LOL. He also fell in Fire, right after his BADASS leg part… and it was such a shame because he lay on the floor for a while.

I bought a lot of merchandise – I bought the Wings notebook, the Wings towel, the t-shirt, Army Bomb Glowstick Version 2, a Jimin and V fan and a tote bag.

I will probably write more in the future, but here are some pictures. They are all very blurry because its so hard to get good pictures!!!!

My bias is Jimin ^^





One thought on “BTS Wings Tour 2017 Hong Kong

  1. Kai says:

    I’m Absolutely Jealous *cries* One day i’ll be able to see them. I keep praying they’ll come to Europe or at least the UK. If not I’m just gonna have to learn Korean and go to Korea to see them LOL.

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