The Ita-Bag

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas and looking forward to the new year. I’m not sure about you but this year has just been goddamn awful for me… but, not like 2015 was great, either.

Anyway, today’s post is about this interesting trend in Japan called the Ita-bag. I think it literally means painful bag.

And it’s a bag that is specially designed with a transparent front for those who collect a whole bunch of stuff and want to show them off.

They’re called Ita-bags because of the ‘pain’ owners inflict on the bag (for eg, if you have many badges and pin them all on – badges are quite the craze here in Japan) and also the pain inflicted on the owner’s wallet in their efforts to collect these goodies.

So there are anime Ita-bags…I was tempted to make a Kuroko no Basuke ita-bag with all sorts of Aomine stuff LOL.

But in the end I stuck to BTS because of my badge haul from Tsuruhashi.

I bought this bag from WEGO, a Japanese fashion store which is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE STORE OF ALL TIME.

They have Ita-bags for sale in different colors. I chose black.

So here is my Ita-bag (I hadn’t put anything on it yet)….


And here is my BTS Ita-bag. I understand why it is called an Ita-bag, I practically stabbed through the soft, nice material with the needles of the badges. I feel so bad…TT_TT”

But in the end, it looks like this…



3 thoughts on “The Ita-Bag

  1. Nana Arima says:

    That’s interesting. I only knew about unproperly dressed lolitas being called ‘ita’. The bag is very nice and all the badges look cute. ^^

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