BTS Japan Official Fanmeet: Osaka, December 15, 2016

Hi everyone!

I have an exciting post for all you BTS fans out there!!! So one of my previous posts about BTS was about me not being able to attend the fan meeting when they went to Kcon Paris earlier this year. It was poorly organised and I missed out the opportunity to see them.

Buuuut the crazy fangirl in me is determined to see them so when I found out about the BTS official fanmeet it was just too good an opportunity to miss out…. I JUST HAD TO GO.

And I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Osaka fanmeet!!!!!

First things first, my ticket was expensive. It cost £200. I bought it online and Japan has a strict NO online resale of ticket policy and apparently they ID check you on the day of the event, and I freaked the shit out because of that, especially because after google translating the ticket when I finally received the ticket through post, some dude’s name was on it. @_@

I went to Osaka-jo hall roughly 3pm on the day and there were loads of high school girls already there, all kitted out in their BTS gear. Most of them were dressed in black, had glowsticks and had BTS  name badges, hip hop monsters and all other sorts of BTS merchandise. I noticed they especially had some kind of funky badge with either like Jungkook or Jimin on it with their signature which I had never seen before. They even had mini hip hop monster keyrings and I had never seen those for sale ANYWHERE, either.


Further up and I saw the official ARMY goods for sale. Everything was blue themed and naturally I bought pretty much everything they had, but to my disappointment all the photo sets and postcard sets were sold out TT_TT


You can even sign up to Japan ARMY.


BTS goods for sale


I bought a BTS Official fanmeet bag, poster set, slap wristband, phone holder ring thingy, the official Osaka fanmeet towel and t-shirt.



At 6pm, people began lining up and I began praying to god to let me in. When it was finally my turn, all they did was check my bag and rip off a part of my ticket and I was allowed in.


I quickly found my seat and holy shit the venue was not as big as I thought; it was smaller than Kcon, bigger than SM Town so probably like Wembley Arena in the UK when I went to see Big Bang. The stage was an H-shape and ZOMG I was so close!


All seats were filled up and they were playing BTS music videos until 7pm and the boys finally went on stage.

Cue fangirling time!

I had my BTS glowstick and a UK flag so I was waving that the entire time. The boys started off with 1 song before it was Question Time.

I thought this was going to be like a fansign event so I brought my WIngs album but it was like a mini concert.

Nayways, back to the questions. Everything was in Japanese so I didn’t understand most of it. You were also not allowed to record or take photos or else risk getting kicked out.

I remembered one of the questions was ‘What does ARMY stand for?’. V said A was for Apple (PPAP, Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, if you don’t know lol) and then the rest of his answers were pretty hysterical. Rapmonster got it right.

Another question was a picture on screen from a venue and BTS had to guess what venue that was. V guessed correctly and said it was the Osaka fanmeet the day before.

I remember Jin blowing lots of kisses, Jimin being all cool and laidback, J-Hope giving out lots of hearts and really happy and Suga was….Suga LOL!!!

Then they performed 21st Century Girls, which HOLY CRAP took me by surprise because I didn’t think they would perform it even though it was one of their most recent songs along with Blood, Sweat and Tears.

They also performed Fire and GADDAMN everyone in Japan knows the fanchant but I only knew Fire and even then the Japanese high school girl was screaming even louder than I was, going ‘KAWAIIII’ and screaming for Jimin the entire time.

They played more games at the centre stage, going to our side first (whoop) after rolling this dice and they played charades, which Jimin was unfortunately awful at LMAO.

Jimin, V and Jin sang acoustic versions of Boy in Luv, Danger and I Need U. HOLY SHIT Boy in Luv Acoustic version was so fucking beautiful!!!!!

Suga and J-Hope sang a Japanese folk song which I think was popular in Osaka but it was cute nonetheless <333

They also went on these little choo choo trains around the stage and sang and threw autographed balls to the crowd, like SNSD Phantasia and of course I didn’t get any 😦

But during that I remember Jungkook in his choo choo train and I was waving my flag when he passed and he STARED. He STARED at me the entire time. I fangasmed at that point.

At the end they performed Blood, Sweat and Tears and HOT DAMN they sang live and its CD quality. Blood, Sweat and Tears is so good live!!!!!! At the encore, BTS went out again to say goodbye and I was like gaddamn I dun wanna say goodbye you are all so beautiful and sing so well I dont want this night to end TT_TT””

The fanmeet was about 3 hours long @_@ I left at 10pm and it was like a mini concert, with quite a lot of talking and games and some songs O_o I AM SATISFIED!!!!!!!


  • That being said, V, Jungkook and Jimin are the most popular in Japan
  • BTS actually don’t give out as much fanservice as you think. It’s fine with me, but I noticed there were times when V and Jimin would go to the edge of the stage and stand and stare at the crowd, but that is it. They don’t wave much lol
  • Japanese fans are so civil. I saw the standing area. they all stood in rows, so civil and no-one was pushing. They just stand and watch. It was pretty amazing considering the amount of kpop concerts I’ve been and seen fans in the pit climb and elbow each other just to see their idols better
  • And Jungkook stared at me whoohoo!

I also took some sneaky pictures at the end cos I was like, heh well the fanmeet is almost over so even if they throw me out its ok lolololol.





My BTS merchandise:



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