Animate Umeda (アニメイト梅田)+ Animate Tennoji (アニメイト天王寺) Haul!

Every weekend I have, I try to use it to the best of my ability by walking around, shopping, trying out new food etc. To be fair I am not much of a foodie and if I am out on my own, I try to miss out food altogether because it’s better when you are with someone.

So! Today, I headed to Animate Umeda, as well as Animate Tennoji to have a look at what kind of stuff they have for sale. I am a HUGE fan of anime. I literally had an anime-gasm when I stepped into the store.

Let’s talk about Animate Umeda first. It’s pretty easy to access if you live in Osaka. Get off at the JR Osaka train station, walk towards the Yodabashi Camera mall then pass the Umeda station, walk out until you see Toho Cinema, then continue down this path that doesn’t look tourist friendly and then cross again under a bridge and you’ll see the sign that says ‘Animate’.

Voila, here you are.

I was pleasantly surprised to see it chock-filled with all sorts of anime stuff. The floor to ceiling is covered in all sorts of anime goods for sale, ranging from posters, manga books, DVDs, blu-rays, CDs, magazines and capsule machines.


My pictures do not do this store justice at all. BELOW: Persona 5 stuff! Because it just came out here…


I was relatively surprised to see that anime like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach etc, had limited stuff for sale. Kuroko no Basuke had a section, which I was happy about because I’m a KnB fan, so I went crazy there. Then there’s quite a lot of loli-looking anime, boy’s love, otome game stuff…for instance, I finally found Scared Rider Xechs merchandise!


There was so much stuff for sale.

I wish I had enough money to buy the entire store.


Lots of CDs and DVDs for sale.

The staff and their english capabilities seem limited, but she asked me to choose 5 out of the KnB guys because I think I bought lots of KnB merchandise so qualified for those free goodies. Yay!

I got more KnB stuff…


Gintama glasses are for sale lol.


The staff member also tried to tell me something about the stuff I bought of Persona 5 but in the end I gave up so I just said ‘Ok’ to what she was saying.

My haul…

Next I went to Animate Tennoji to see if they had anything else.


They did!


Again I went nuts but I didn’t spend as much here as I did in Animate Umeda O_O


I would highly recommend you go to Animate if you are a massive fan of anime. It’s easy to access but I wouldn’t say it is affordable. Then again, everything in Japan is expensive so make sure to save up first!

My haul (in blue bags)


Umeda Haul


I got a Persona 5 Anne keyring, tote bag. I got 2 KnB clear pouches, 2 Aomine badges. Random stuff that I got-

img_6006 img_6009



Tennoji Haul


I completed the KnB cards 🙂


That’s everything 🙂 Thanks for reading!




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