Faceup Update – Reiji returns

Hi everyone,

Apologies for lack of the posts as well as lack of otome game reviews. Recently I had been experiencing severe wrist pains that went on for a month or so. It got so bad it was affecting my everyday life. I couldn’t put strain on it, could not carry heavy stuff, couldn’t even hold my phone for extended periods of time, that’s how bad it was…. which resulted in me going to see the doctor. I was booked in for a blood test and in the meantime, the doctor gave me tablets called Naproxene. i had a look, and those tablets treat arthritis.

So I decided to take a break from typing because my job demands a lot of it, and I also refrained myself from typing so much at home whether it be for blogging or fanfic. Basically….I can’t type a lot anymore.

Anyway I’m a lot better now so I can write about my most recent happenin’s, such as Reiji returning back to from a faceup commission. I did Reiji’s faceup myself but he’s a Fifth Motif Venitu sculpt and I felt like I wasn’t capturing his personality as well as I should. I chose ticuk because I’ve asked her before and I like her dark, gothic faceups. Reiji really fits the bill for the moody, broody type. Ticuk it was!

I sent him away early June after filling in the commission form on DOA. Along the way his box got a bit bashed and a magnet popped off. Yikes.

I got Reiji today and ticuk sent me the following:



Hahah look at my horrible fingernail


The Boss is there!!!!

Here it is, the moment of truth…


Ok, so that’s really not a flattering picture of him LOL.

But the blushing detail is crazy! *0*

And his eyelashes and eyebrows!!

I’m so happy with how Reiji looks!

I put him back on his body and here he is:




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