BTS Official Goods arrive!

As you may know, I’m a massive BTS fan. This would be my first time ordering from their official website, the BTS official shop. Everything was in Korean but I think most of the website is easy to navigate and there is also instructions for foreign customers (or, those who are not from South Korea basically), on how to buy their goods.




First up, I ordered a Jimin hip hop monster doll. I really wanted Jungkook and Jin because they are so cute but I think Jungkook was sold out.


I settled for a Jungkook badge instead. It’s so cute!!!


I also bought “Memories of BTS 2015” which consists of 4 DVDs and a photo book which was smaller than I thought since their “Now 3 in Chicago” was massive and so heavy. This was roughly A5 shaped. I can’t wait to watch this 🙂

I also bought their official slogan towel. It came in a plastic pouch like my SNSD Phantasia tour one.

Overall, it was pretty pricey considering shipping from South Korea to the UK cost maybe £20? But I did ask them to lower the value of the package so I didn’t get charged customs. Awesome!!


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