Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Hikaru Aihara Main Route Happy End/Review + Walkthrough

Whoo boy, here goes another review plus walkthrough!


It’s weird I’ve chosen not to write about Luke or Ota considering I got most of their routes.

Today our star is Hikaru Aihara from Kissed from the Baddest Bidder in which he becomes a selectable bidder from Season 3 onwards. Voltage gave you his chapter 1 for free but that was a load of pish because nothing remotely interesting happened.

Personally I never liked Hikaru even when he came out even as a minor character, which was probably…season 2? Yeesh it’s been so long I can’t even remember. Anyway, Hikaru was your co-worker who everyone likes and you like him too, because he is so friendly, cheerful and helpful.


Well turns out that’s a load of crap because Hikaru is two faced little wank.

Look at this picture!





Okay, so I’m probably being very harsh but I actually LIKED his route. It made me LIKE Hikaru. It made me laugh, and it made me want to know more about him. Soo ladies and germs, let’s start with the walkthrough! Expect spoilers of course.




**~~HAPPY END~~**


Chapter 1:

Talk to him

Tell him your name


Chapter 2:

He’s always happy

What do you want to get out of it


Chapter 3:

It’s not early (or choose “You’ve got a dirty mouth” for lols)

It’s dangerous


Chapter 4:


Message him back


Chapter 5:

I want to work with you

Thank him


Chapter 6:

What can I do?

What favour?


Chapter 7:

Talk to him

You two are close


Chapter 8:

Now I see why you’re close

What do you want to do


Chapter 9:

Why did you save me?


Chapter 10:

I’m used to this life now

It’s not a waste!


Chapter 11:

Not really…

I want to stop Hikaru


Chapter 12:

I want to save Hikaru!

Mr Ichinomiya can save him


So going back to what I mentioned earlier, I really didn’t like Hikaru for some reason when he first came out in the game. It also became quite apparent that he had his own shady backstory because in some main routes you will see him acting suspicious around other characters or making some kind of comment which makes you really wonder if he’s really just your friendly helpful hotel worker.


In his route, you start off as not being sold to any of the guys but they force you to become the Mad Hatter’s Assistant to spy on him. You know, this guy here:


By the way, he has own route in the GREE Party version! WTF SO HE WAS PACKING THOSE GOODIES UNDER THAT MAKEUPPPP *3*



There was a special story which revolved around Soryu where you have to investigate the sudden disappearance of the Mad Hatter who is creeping up at you at the end when you go to his basement room on your own (goddamnit MC don’t you have a brain like why would you do that?) and he calls you ‘Alice’ and keeps saying things like ‘Wonderland’ blah blah blah other cryptic creepy shit.

It’s the same in this route.

You become Mad Hatter’s assistant who keeps calling you Alice and together you live in the basement floor which he calls ‘Wonderland’ and you have tea parties and stuff. Oh and he keeps you in a room the size of a closet. But the Mad Hatter is nice to you so you both soon become BFF having little tea parties and what not so you end up calling him ‘Maddy’ which makes him verrrry happy.

Where does Hikaru fit in all this? Well turns out he’s your co-basement dweller, lives in a hidden room, and only comes out a few chapters later where you find out he is a mercenary…basically, a hitman. And he does tonnes of other bad stuff. He also enjoys badmouthing the MC, totally not the nice-nice Hikaru she once knew him to be.

All I can say is, I really enjoyed seeing the sinister side of Hikaru, I always knew he was too good to be true. But at the same time, some of the conversations between MC and Hikaru were one of the funniest things I’d ever read in the entire game.

Buuuut, he has a horde of insults:


Even your cooking is not spared.


And his sexual innuendos or flirting or whatever that is, are never ending:




The above actually happened in one smooth conversation @_@

I actually don’t want to spoil too much for you guys but I will say that the story got confusing nearer the end. Hikaru basically works for someone and kills for a living. He asks MC to come to a party with him as a date so he can hide amongst them rich folks and bump off some rich dude without being seen where the MC insults him –


But then his counter argument is pretty effective:



The MC was originally meant to spy on the Mad Hatter but Hikaru turns it round so MC is forced to spy on the auction managers instead. He comes home blood splattered and clearly having bumped someone off and MC asks him how he became the way he is and he does this:





Then he does this:


URghhh Hikaruuuuu.

And there’s more!


I find the love story quite strange; it seemed to blossom from out of nowhere. I find it too light, especially because Hikaru is a hitman, an assassin. MC seems to accept that with no problems although she mentions at some point that Hikaru doesn’t want to kill, which is true. It was one of the most surreal thing I’d read when at the end, Hikaru and MC confess their love for each other.

giphy (8)

Final thoughts:

I enjoyed it because I really had an open mind when playing this and some of the conversations are LMAO-worthy.

….Just don’t go into too much thought how a hotel maid can fall in love with a hitman and….you know, accepts that her boyfriend kills people for a living….

And Hikaru’s insults….well they were actually more funny than mean when you read them.

There is also very little action in this story, in which MC gets kidnapped or there’s some high tension scene happening, which is fine by me because I’m so sick and tired of Voltage’s stupid plotlines with bad guys trying to attack or kill MC half the time. Yawn.

And the conversation between Ota, Baba and the MC, about how the MC and the Mad Hatter are getting on was hilarious:




Jesus these pair really are something.



I liked the MC here but she still had some flaws; it was good that she didn’t take Hikaru’s crap and backsassed him many times. But at the same she would get all misty-eyed and mushy later on when Hikaru was mean to her which doesn’t quite make much sense? Aside from that, you’ll see that MC is really one of the most useless workers in the hotel because she cocks up so many times, like falling over in front of guests, falling over with trays of food or not even doing her housekeeping job properly and it makes you really wonder how she got a job in a 5 star worldwide hotel in the first place.



…gets the same score as MC. Errrr, Hikaru is either a tsundere or the yandere. They say Luke is yandere but Luke doesn’t seem yandere enough to me. He’s just a bit bone-loopy, that’s all. Anyway, I liked Hikaru a lot more in this route. You still don’t get to find out more about him though.



Wow, quite a lot of low scores here. This is partially because the CGs are a bit boring…

Final words:

There’s not much romance. It was more of a love/hate relationship between Hikaru and MC. Hikaru was a guy MC loved to hate, and MC was a girl Hikaru loved to hate. I don’t regret buying Hikaru’s route, because you see the Mad Hatter a lot but he’s covered in his makeup. I think MC and Mad Hatter also made quite the cute couple because he was so nice to her.

Let’s see that pretty face again 😀




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