Kissed By The Baddest Bidder: Soryu Oh Season 3 Proposal Review *SPOILERS!*


Hey guyssssss

I decided to write about Soryu’s proposal. He’s my first voltage husband, then it was Tsumugu from Our Two Bedroom story, followed by Luke Foster and Tamaki from My Forged Wedding. I’ve never written any reviews or walkthroughs for the Kissed by the Baddest Bidder app yet. Personally I find the title of the game a bit cringeworthy but its one of the best Voltage otome games I’ve played.

Soryu was my first choice and he’s been my choice from Season 1 all the way up to present. I’ve bought most of his special stories too. I didn’t really like the other guys for some reason until Luke was introduced in Season 2 and then I got Hishikura’s route. Then I soon warmed up to Ota l despite his awkward arm, because I got his bundle when it was Voltage sale.

Anyway, Soryu’s Season 3 proposal is quite the big leap from Season 1 and 2. It starts off really steamy and it doesn’t change.


You’ve now moved from the Japan Tres Spades hotel to the one in Dubai and now London. You and Soryu stay in the penthouse suite and one morning you wake up to make Soryu breakfast. However, he comes into the kitchen and says he’d rather eat you O_O Holy bejesus Voltage. As if it can’t anymore R-rated here’s the screenshot to show that you and Soryu get up to no good.



Later, Soryu buys an expensive vase at the auction and then you get a letter from your friend Chisato who got married recently. As you moan a bit, Soryu then lets slip that he thinks one day you both will get married and that’s why he brought you to London. Gah! Soryu, you sweetheart!

On a date, you get attacked and get hurt and Soryu shoots the motherfucker with his gun who utters out a cryptic response before fleeing. Soryu finds out it was someone from the ‘Crimson Swords’, a rival Sicilian mob gang with headquarters  in London.

You meet the Ice Dragons in London and see Samejima and Ryosuke who are bickering as usual and your dog Jasmine who is now pretty big. A new face appears – Jin, who is one of the leaders of the London branch. After voicing your support to Soryu to the guys, Soryu ends up being embarrassed and soon he and Jin have a serious discussion – if they get rid of the Crimson Swords they’ll become really powerful in Europe. Afterwards Ryosuke drives you and Soryu home where you can totally talk dirty to Soryu whilst you sit with him in the backseat but this only serves to embarrass him further HAHAH


Choice Option: “Let’s do it all night long.” LMAOOO


You started it Soryu!!!

Next day you and Soryu are on another date on the London Eye where Soryu tells you if you are to be wed and take on his last name, it has to be common law marriage and because its too dangerous. Soryu explains that its common in the mafia world not to get legally married. Later on and Soryu has given the expensive vase he bought earlier to the Crimson Swords as a peace offering.

All I can really say is this route is just chock full of sexy stuff. In the same chapter, later on in the night and Soryu is totally up to the mood and asking MC for sexy timez but they’re interrupted by a work call much to both of your disappointment. You’re both summoned to the headquarters where Jin says the Crimson Swords are ok with a truce but want the boss of the Ice Dragons to marry the Crimson sword’s boss’ daughter or else they’ll destroy all the Ice Dragons. Sheesh what is up with the mafia world and betrothals. It’s like Season 1 all over again.


To your worse nightmare, Soryu actually agrees!


After a few days of agony and mental turmoil since if Soryu marries that girl you’ll become his mistress, you invite Soryu back to the London Eye and tell him your decision – that its ok to legally marry the daughter of the rival gang and become his mistress so the crimson swords won’t destroy the Ice Dragons. Ugh, it sounds horrible XO

The next day when its the day to sign the official marriage papers, Soryu steps down and says Jin will sign it because Jin is now the boss and Soryu will no longer be part of the Ice Dragons, much to everyone’s shock.

Basically, Soryu quit the Ice Dragons cold turkey.


From then on, I guess Soryu becomes a house husband since he’s always home when you finish work. He also keeps his hair down. Mmm sexy. At the penthouse and the guys tease Soryu now that technically he’s unemployed.

This is one of the best conversations of the route:



giphy (7)

Eisuke offers Soryu to be his bodyguard and Baba asks Soryu to become a thief like him. Pffft. Both options don’t seem to make Soryu happy so he rejects them. Baba holds a party for you both after Soryu asks the guys to be his guests for his wedding, again surprising everyone with the fact that you are going to marry. After the party and you and Soryu go and have smex again.


Geez Voltage getting pretty graphical.


The day after you and Soryu have a shower and you notice Soryu no longer wears his hair slicked back.


Personally I prefer this messy hair lol.

You’re give a chance to compliment him which makes him blush. Soryu then takes you to a store where you choose your engagement ring yay! But a walk down the market and you both overhear bad rumors that the Ice Dragons have turned violent and are kidnapping kids. Yeesh.

Ryosuke turns up at the hotel, beaten up and bloody and he scares a guest at the hotel so you take him to the penthouse where he tells you and Soryu that Jin was a spy from the Crimson swords all along! Why that dirty cheating lying rat bastard! Despite Ryosuke practically begging Soryu to come back, Soryu coldly rejects him and then you end up in a fight with him. Ahhh noooo…

With help from the guys, you decide to get the rest of the Ice Dragons who aren’t allied with Jin to bring Soryu back. It does mean you can’t marry Soryu though…. You go with Ryosuke to the Ice Dragons headquarters where the guys who used to be nice to you become all arsey and almost hurt you until Soryu arrives, knowing you’d try to pull a stunt like this.

After a few honest words and Soryu admits he hadn’t stopped thinking about the Dragons since he quit. He really is worried. Well, of course he is!!! It’s part of his goddamn life! However, some Dragons are not convinced by Soryu’s words and thinks he abandoned them for a woman instead so you end up tearing apart your marriage certificate to prove that Soryu is serious.



Dunno about you but I was pretty absorbed in the moment when this happened. I think I died a little inside, knowing that MC ripped up her marriage certificate as if it was nothing and was settling to become a mistress. Anyhoo, Soryu gets his support in the end, and MC will just have to live as his mistress from now on. AHhhh nooo….

There’s still the lying cheating rat called Jin to take care of. Soryu gets a call saying Jin is no longer with the Swords, making you wonder who he truly is. When you finally catch Jin, he fesses up that he planned all this because of revenge – the Crimson swords killed someone dear to him so he infiltrated both the dragons and the swords. Uh oh…okay, guess he isn’t the lying cheating dirty rat after all. Whoops sorry Jin LOL.

So you all plan to bump off the Swords’ boss using you as bait, to seduce him and get him alone in the room and then Soryu and Jin will pounce on him. I found it strange that….during the entire route and you get hurt by mafia rivals and Soryu keeps saying he’ll protect you and then here he is practically shoving you to the frontlines of danger?! LOOOOL.

Anyhoo, it’s probably eyecandy for Soryu after you’re forced to wear a revealing bunny costume and you attract the Sword’s boss who hits on you immediately once you get his attention and asks if you provide any ‘extra services’ for a charge. WHOAH. You succeed in seducing him and bring him to the trap where Soryu and Jin attackkkkkk!

More things happen but it’s all pretty wrapped up anyway. You and Soryu then go to the penthouse to tell the guys about your marriage, the Ice Dragons, and later on, Soryu proposes to you at the London Eye at night.

Final thoughts:

I liked this story much much more than Season 2. In fact I can’t even remember what happened in Season 2. I liked how Soryu sacrificed his dream and his Ice Dragons to marry MC because if he didn’t it would mean he would end up married to someone else and MC would be his ‘mistress’, a word which I really hate.

However I still have my gripes, in which I think my biggest frustration with Soryu’s routes are the fact that he’s a mobster but the mafia aspect is taken so lightly and it still is. In reality, the mafia are scary and I don’t find it portrayed accurately in this game.

I guess you can’t really do that for an otome game because it’s not supposed to be like that, but I assumed by Season 3 it’ll be a bit different and serious. It’s not really. Also, MC doesn’t seem to bloody change at all since Season 1. I thought she’d change and adapt more to the mafia life but I can’t say that she does. I guess the realist in me just takes everything too literally. Things like this won’t happen in real life. A character like MC would not be with Soryu for that long. She’s just a maid at a hotel whose boyfriend is a mobster. I thought she would change to become more immersed in the mafia world, maybe a bit more badass and tough….  not still in her bubble world of happiness and sunshine. It’s just too…unrealistic.

Also, what the hell was up with the part of using the MC as bait? Especially after Soryu was like “I’ll protect you with my life bby.”  5 seconds later: “Actually no change of plan we need to get dis guy MC u go be bait and put on this bunny outfit.” Like WTF!


2 thoughts on “Kissed By The Baddest Bidder: Soryu Oh Season 3 Proposal Review *SPOILERS!*

  1. Alexa says:

    Actually, I assumed the MC will stop being a maid during season 1. God dammit, woman! Open a business, go to a better school. No, she’s still their maid. Really? Even the mobster, Rahman, told her in Season 1 I think that her cakes are amazing, she should sell them in Dubai. Wtf, Mc/ Wtf?! Sorry, just my humble opinion. Thumbs up for your reviews! ^_^

  2. Hailey says:

    oooh a post on one of my fav voltage guy! ive been following you for quite some time and its really exciting to see updates from you:) thank you again for all the efforts in writing these reviews! absolutely love your writing style (brought a huge smile on my face when i saw miss J’s eye-popping gif lol) take care xx looking forward to more soon

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