Star Crossed Myth Review + Walkthrough: Aigonorous






giphy (3)

Sorry for reusing gifs but I really like this one hehe.

And actually, he’s been out since last month and as usual I’m super late because I wanted to blog about other things. But I did play his route when it came out immediately. It was so glitchy I didn’t have much of a good time, hopping from chapter to chapter.

But yes, here we have the lovely Aigonorus today! I have been waiting so long for his route!!! Introducing the super adorable God of Capricorn, Aigonorus!!!

I played his route blindly and ended up with the blessed ending. It’s not hard at all. It’s either you’re pretty indifferent or mean to him or you deliberately pick the choices that fit the situation and will most likely make him happy or show that you understand him or want to touch him I mean you’re given the choice to hug him at some point really.

Here’s the walk through for all you perfectionists 🙂


Chapter 1:

A pillow

You’re sweet


Chapter 2:

He protected me

How long will this last?


Chapter 3:

You’re being misleading

That’s not the issue here!


Chapter 4:

Pinch his nose

I’ll take the sofa…


Chapter 5:

Is your spidey sense tingling?

Lean into his arms


Chapter 6:

You really care about them, huh?



Chapter 7:

You’re so cute

Lookat his face


Chapter 8:


Hug him back


Chapter 9:


Why are you sitting like that?


Chapter 10:

I can’t believe this

Get a drink


Chapter 11:

Ask about him

Look at Aigonorus


Chapter 12:

I’m more worried about you…

I love you



Anyway, so you choose Aigonorus to protect you because of his complete indifference and lack of interest to your wellbeing he’ll probably never hit on your or whatever like some of the other gods. Since Aigo appears as a love interest for the next set of Gods (I’ll just call this Season 2 from now on). In Season 2 you are being targeted by evil gods of the Under Realm and need protection. Personally I would choose Krioff to protect me because he looks like Akihiko from Persona 3 whoops did I say that out loud  he can protect me from bad guys and beat them into a pulp. I would only choose Aigonorus out of the other gods in Season 2 if Krioff was not there because Tauxolouve is too flirty for my liking and so is Patherno, who is super gorgeous but at the same time he knows it and its kind of annoying  I guess???, first impression wise. I actually would probably go for Karno…maybe Zyglavis, I guess, so yeah. Maybe I’ll try their routes out later. Eh.

Anyway you choose Aigo and he can’t be arsed to protect you at all. So he takes you home and basically tells you not to leave the house (grounds you in a way I suppose) then he takes his leave. The next day you get attacked by the evil ‘servant’s until these goats appear and protects you. In the process one of them gets hurt. Aigo returns and it turns out the goats are his familiars, or heralds…like heavenly divine spirits that look like goats. So yeah, Aigo pretty much has control over goats…



Yeah ok so those are alpacas but I couldn’t find a gif with goats so this will have to do.

Plus I couldn’t find this certain gif where it shows you TONNES of alpacas running towards you it was actually kind of scary but yeah.

Riiiight back to the review….

You’re then summoned by the Heavenly King who punishes Aigo with a mark of sin because godammit he is so lazy he couldn’t be bothered to protect you and sent his goats to do the job instead.


With this mark on his neck it now mean he can’t leave MC’s side less than three feet or something and if he does he’ll get a nasty electric shock. Surprisingly enough, Aigonorus takes it with a shrug as usual (which is fine with me because imagine if he got all angry). You then stay in the heavens for a while where you find out Aigonorus doesn’t know what a phone is when you take it out and there’s an awkward conversation where Aigo tells you that you make his heart race but in the end it just means when you walk too far from him he gets shocked so its bad for his heart. Misunderstandings galore!!!! Le sigh.

He pretty much looks at you with this expression most the time:


Hmm you don’t say, Aigo?

Since you’re pretty much stuck with Aigo and vice versa, there’s a time when Aigo takes you to work at the reflecting pool and later on, you must take a bath together. Whilst MC freaks out because he doesn’t seem to know about humans taking baths naked, he ends up snapping his fingers and MC’s clothes fly off before him. I chose a hilarious response but I don’t think it was right haha. Aigo then joins you in the bath buuuuut…. nothing dirty happens of course because Aigo isn’t interested  you perverts stop with those kinky thoughts.

Afterwards Aigo seems to have dozed off so MC tries to wake him up but to no avail because he’s like sleeping like the dead and she ends up fainting in the hot bath and she wakes up in Aigo’s room where he apologizes for dozing off and also “THAT”. What he means by THAT is MC’s blanket falling off and she’s practically buck nekkid in front of him hahaha XD

As usual MC freaks out but Aigo has no reaction whatsoever.


See what I mean?

However, Aigo did see her completely naked so I guess they’ve actually taken a step even further than Leon and Scorpio combined considering this happened in like Chapter 4. WHoohoo, go Aigo!

Okay so as the route progresses, you just find Aigo is just a really laidback, awkward guy with verrry little knowledge of the human world, almost embarrassingly so because MC gets hungry and it growls in front of him and he ends up thinking her stomach growling was a mouse in the room. REALLY AIGO? A MOUSE??? But then MC explains that she’s just hungry so Aigo snaps his fingers and gives her a bunch of food. Ahhh sweetie XD Just like Scorpio and Leon who liked apple rabbits and meatballs, Ichyths and Dui (taiyaki and cherries), you find out Aigo likes marshmallows after MC shows him a picture of a marshmallow on her phone….but er…like how many people would have a photo of a marshmallow on their phone…so random haha….then again voltage gives a totally legit reason lol…

By the way Aigo will flirt with you at some times in a really subtle way…


…Well he’s comparing you to a marshmallow, I guess that’s how romantic he’ll be.

But still..



At night and MC and Aigo share a bed together. MC then hears him moan out someone’s name in anguish. A few days later and MC gradually begins to feel more comfortable in Aigo’s presence.

He takes her to the market where lady gods flirt with him from all directions and these really pushy gossiping female gods rudely bump into you and before you fall Aigo catches you but in a huggy-way. EEEEEE. I don’t know about you but I cherished every single moment like this considering how unfeeling Aigo can be towards you. He takes you to see the goats again where you learn his actual power is to control living things and make them into his holy servants and make any living creature obey him so totally not goat powers.

Oops my bad.

MC then finds the goat who helped her and befriends him, much to Aigo’s amazement because that goat apparently only likes him. He even compliments MC afterwards. Whooo go MC! WORM YOUR WAY INTO AIGO’S UNFEELING HEARTTTTTT. In order to repay MC, Aigo grants her wish to return to earth where he says that he will protect her. MC also notices that he’s beginning to smile a lot more when he’s around her. At home and MC gives him roasted marshmallows which makes him very happy.

Later at night and they share a bed although MC thinks this is wrong and tries to sneak out of bed but Aigo grabs her and says she is his replacement pillow. HNNN MORE FEELS!


The next morning and all the gods from wishes come to visit to see Aigo hugging you on the bed. No matter what you say they’ll just get the wrong idea so whatever. As usual, Aigo is apathetic to the situation but he does defend you from the gods because they get angry that you returned to earth against orders. Go Aigo! The moment was completely right for this, because MC then asks Aigo to tell her more about himself.


Turns out Aigo is a god born with the power to communicate with the minds of living things and control them. He was asked to work at the palace by the king but other gods there had better powers and he lost confidence. One day at a banquet, he met a beautifull goddess who comforted and encouraged him all the time. He was charmed by her kindness and fell in love with her. He then introduced her to his goat friends who scratched her because they didn’t trust her. She got angry and basically let her ugly side show saying that he couldn’t protect her and that there was nothing else worthy about him except from his power. He also discovers that she only gotten close to him to use him because she thought it would look good to have a Department of Wishes god on her arm due to his position. Aigo broke it off immediately even though he still loved her. People thought he was cruel to dump her but she immediately went with someone else anyway. He realised it was just lies she fed him the entire time.


Aigo was hurt after that and stopped loving anyone or anything after that because he was scared of getting hurt.

I dunno about you…but damn that is really saddening…TT_TT

In the heat of the moment, Aigo hugs you. You’re given a choice whether to hug him back.



MC begins to like Aigo a lot more after that. She even admits it, whoohoo! MC realises she is in love with Aigo and begins to distance herself from Aigo. He picks up on it and one day MC wakes up to see Aigo watching her sleep.




Ok I’m probably going overboard with gifs now haha. I just thought of ‘staring’ and thought of this for some weird reason lol.

Aigo asks MC to show him around earth and she does, with Aigo ends up holding her hand. EEEEE! When Aigo becomes tired, they go to a bench to sit beside each other and Aigo rests his head on her shoulder. EEEEEE

Once you notice that the mark is gone however, Aigo becomes cold and distant towards you again. Soo crueeeel…

Upset, MC goes to the balcony because god knows why but it seems when people are upset they go to their balcony to pour out their sadness and whaddya know? She gets taken away by the evil gods again who curse MC to have a mark that will zap the life energy out of anyone who gets close to her – Aigo is the intended victim, of course. When Aigo comes to save her and takes her home, he is in so much pain MC can’t bear to stand it so she tells him she hates him and runs away from the apartment. But of course this makes you a target for evil gods so you get taken away again.

Aigo chases after you and you end up confessing that you love him and don’t want to cause him anymore pain. Aigo confesses too and says he doesn’t want to hurt MC either and that he was always scared of getting hurt but now he doesn’t care getting hurt anymore because he wants to protect MC and that he loves her.

OMG so I probably wrote that in a shitty way but just to let you know in the game, this was the most heartfelt confession I’d ever read in Voltage app history.

Aigo then turns into his god form and uses his goats to chase away the evil gods. Later, you and Aigo are summoned to see the King again where he tells Aigo that he is due his reward for protecting you. Guess what? Aigo asks for you!



giphy (6)

But as usual the king is a party pooper and says he can’t grant it because it’s your heart. So yeah the King then asks you if you wish for Aigonorus.

No brainer there gurl…


For once in Star Crossed Myth, the king actually allows you to be with your god. Holy hell. I never knew he’d be so generous. So yeah – AWEEEESOMMMMEEEE!!!

Final thoughts:



I actually don’t know what else I can really mention about MC here other than she is pretty realistic and didn’t do anything annoying as other MCs in other routes are. So far, she was likable and she understood her feelings for Aigonorus and her reactions were realistic. She liked him and ended up getting flustered and awkward and didn’t act on those feelings because of self doubt. She was also really bold considering she fessed to Aigonorus first nearer the end. I mean, what if he ended up telling her he didn’t like her that way? DAT GIRL GOT BALLZ.

The guy, Aigonorus:


A 4/5 from me. Not a 5 because…heck, no-one is perfect. I liked Aigonorus because he didn’t seem like a typical Voltage guy; he wasn’t mean and pushy and tsundere or yandere to the point where it got irritating or downright weird. Aignorous is relatively…normal. Maybe you’d even say boring, if you wanted to read Voltage stories where the guy aggressively corners MC  and kisses her or whatever. Aigonorus is not like that at all. He’s a pretty quiet, awkward guy. However he’s also capable of being very kind and sweet and considerate of others and also dropping some random subtle flirty comments every now and then. Basically, he got hurt in the past because he was used by someone he loved and ended up being cold and indifferent to situations and people which is a pretty normal reaction if that happened to someone. I think deep inside he was trying to cover up his hurt and it showed in this route. He got hurt so he lost trust and faith and when MC swarms into his life he doesn’t want happened in the past to happen again. The way he acts around MC when he realises he’s in love with her was really cute too.



Welp, here are some CGs for you guyyyyys. You can just look at Voltage wikia tbh. Aigo is pretty *_*


Final thoughts:



However it’s still not one of the best routes I have played though.

I need to be honest about that.
I would buy Aigo’s route if you want a pretty normal romance and a cute guy who shows relatively little affection until nearer the end, although by chapter 4 my meter was all the way to blessed. If you want something steamier I would recommend a different app altogether, maybe Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, Soryu’s routes or Luke’s (Yandere galore). I still enjoyed Aigo’s route immensely because I liked him since he came out in the prologue and Aigonorus and MC’s relationship reminds me of people who are experiencing their very first love. CUUUUTE *3*

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Kaoru says:

    I really liked your reviews!! It makes me want to play the route even though i’ve read pretty much what the whole story is about. Hope you will continue writing up more otome game reviews!!

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