KCON Paris 2016 and the BTS Meet + Greet That Never Was


Hi everyone, I was supposed to write a post about my trip to Korea and Taiwan and ended up completely having no time. So I am two weeks late with that post plus I am now posting about Kcon Paris 2016, which happened yesterday.

I am now back from travelling all the way to France from the UK. I’ve been to France before for SM Town and Music Bank which was roughly 4-5 years ago (geez…) and a lot has changed since.


Some thoughts about Kcon this year…

(by the way most of it is negative. You’ll see why).

First, Kcon Paris was announced very late. It was around April I think, so that left very little time to plan stuff, like hotels and flights. I was also planning my holiday to Hong Kong then so having Kcon announced made me upset because I would not be at home to be able to buy tickets but halfway across the world to fight buy tickets.

Second, the artist lineup was IOI, Block B, FT Island, f(X), SHINee. Also…BTS.




Okay, spazzing time over. Now for some serious stuff…

I recently got into them even though at my age and compared to them I am a noona. AND THEY WERE GOING TO KCON!!!!!!! I HAD to buy tickets, especially because I missed them in Kcon a while back and also Abu Dhabi.

Third, I was kinda worried about…terrorism. I know this is an extremely sensitive subject but with events happening around the world lately, it was a scary thought.

Fourth, France had severe strikes and also terrible raining. Most of the public transport services were significantly grinded to a halt and also it rained the entire day of Kcon. Even though Kcon was inside, being outside in the pouring rain and wind was not fun. At all.

Finally – Kcon released tickets after the first bout come out of Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3 and so forth.

Cat 1 was the best tickets so they were basically wiped off the surface of the earth before you can say cheese spaghet. Look at the arena of KCON! You will see what I mean!


The first ticket sale did come out on the day it specified. I was in Hong Kong and ticket sales came on at 10am in France time so in Hong Kong where I was, it was 5pm in the evening. I remember me and my sister sitting on some public benches in Kowloon’s Festival Walk plaza desperately trying to get tickets only to be continuously trying for 2 hours.

The website practically crashed in 0.000000000000001 seconds and no-one could get in. Kept saying the website was experiencing high volumes of traffic.

Buuuuut through perseverance and patience (or just dumb luck and a DESIRE LIKE NO OTHER TO SEE BTS) I got 2 tickets for me and my sister but we weren’t sitting beside each other and also far away from the stage. That made me sad and unsure if I wanted to go to Kcon. Soon facebook became racked with sad people who weren’t able to get tickets. However… Nearer the concert (actually….on the Saturday before), Ticketmaster released MORE tickets despite claiming to be sold out. Guess what??? They were all the Cat 1 tickets! We got better tickets and then it just HAD to be happen…my sister browsed through more and ended up getting even CLOSER tickets to the stage! We bought those too.

So with 4 tickets to be sold, we went to work immediately. 2 sold on viagogo, and the remaining 2 we sold in person in the day of the concert through stressful means such as twitter and facebook, dealing with tonnes of wishy-washy people.

Now, I won’t even bother to write about my trip to the actual convention. Let’s just say it was an absolute mess and I took 3 trains just to arrive at Bercy from the airport. I arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport, took the RER B to Gare du Nord where the strike was happenin’, had to get off because they were not going any further, then got another train to Chatelet Les Halles, then get on another train to Bercy. By the time we arrived it was 2pm and people were already queueing up for Fosse (standing tickets) and also the convention. The queue outside was HUGE, it went far from the convention and I don’t think it helped that the weather was really bad too.

I do have quite a lot to complain about before I move onto the good, so here goes  –

Facebook and the Kcon group was really good for communication – apparently the convention was taking place at Le Studio which only held a maximum of 500 people. People had been queueing since 2am apparently, and by the time it was 9am there were over 1000 people already there. Now, I’d attended a Kcon before in New York where I got to see AOA in a fanmeet. Since I was arriving late into Paris, I could not attend the convention and so did 10,000+ something people. IMAGINE OUR OUTRAGE! This was the worst Kcon held in its short history.

I COULD NOT SEE BTS AND THEY HELD A MEET AND GREET!!!! TT__TT” To even think I could’ve seen them but was not able to….*cries*





Yeah, so in Kcon Paris…No-one knew what was going on! No-one knew where to queue! There were queues everywhere! Only 500 people were allowed in for the 2 sessions! It was terrible!!! Who organised this????!!!!! I’m sure many people will understand and also know of my anger and frustration. I have never come across such poor management of an event in my entire life.

Although to be fair, Kcon management have always been pretty poor. If you’ve seen my New York post, you might remember me complaining that the New York con only had a few stands and so few activities, but the main point was –

  1. Kcon NY was outside and FREE to everyone whilst Kcon Paris was restricted to first come first serve and also taking place in a dingy little studio that only held 1000 people for a 20,000 concert
  2. There was no P1, P2 or GA1 or any of those kinds of tickets. P1 and P2 would’ve given you something like a hi-touch or a meet and greet in Kcon LA or NY. Kcon Paris allowed ANYONE.

Another thing I noticed was the missing presence of Bangtan France and f(x) who asked for donations through twitter and did not seem to have turned up at the event. Instead, random people were handing out SHINee banners, fans with Key’s face on them, Leeteuk banners and also glowing wristbands. Me and my sister bagged 2 wristbands each, some banners and also 2 BTS unofficial Young Forever Epilogue glowsticks which were sold by 2 young South Korean girls who were sitting on a bench. I waited quite some time for them and they were surrounded by fans. I made some small talk and now I’ve even added them onto my facebook as a friend. Niiiice.

Kpop can be a great way to meet new friends!


So yeah, the Kcon convention was something I didn’t even have the chance to attend; people were walking around rather aimlessly, most of them wearing BTS gear from BTS tshirts and sweaters which you see from the internet, V’s bear masks and other stuff. I was wondering where the other fans were. I was a BTS fan, particularly Jimin, so I made a Jimin poster, 2 BTS posters and also ordered some Army glowsticks from people who said they would be at the con and in the end we had a hard time trying to find them. Cue high amounts of stress and lots of confusion amongst people.

Here were some of our stuff –


It was weird…No-one had banners unless they were given banners from other fans at the Kcon area. I had people asking me where I got my banner from (from ebay). And also, not a lot of fans had the BTS army glowsticks either.

An hour before the concert, we joined the seating queue which went round about 3-4 extra blocks down the street. I think the queue in LA Kcon is even worse so I guess that was not so bad. We finally entered and holy bejesus it was HUGE.


And our seats were really good!


Our MC was Leeteuk who was so friendly and happy as always~

BTS also opened the concert with their version of the Korean folk song Arirang!

Our first glimpse of BTS haaaah…


First, Block B performed.


Then it was IOI who performed Pick Me Up and 2 of their ballad songs. IOI were quite nervous but they performed very well on stage.


Also the South Korean president attended and she got a few minutes in the spotlight too.


And then it was f(x) who was missing Victoria, but Luna and Krystal performed 4 Walls, Rum Pum Pum and Hot Summer. Amber performed her solo Shake That Brass and Luna also performed her new solo.

It was soooo hard to get good pictures 😦

BTS came on next, which surprised me as I thought they would actually be last. They started with ‘Fire’ which was their new song and also Dope (but of course). They also performed Save Me, I Need U, Fun Boys.


Er… I went nuts for BTS…. I tried to take some fancams… they were all pretty bad. With lots of my awful screaming and bad attempt at fanchanting…




Everytime I see Suga’s pose and I just think of:


Here’s more..




giphy (2)

After BTS it was FT Island and SHINee last. I hadn’t seen SHINee since Music Bank but I was pretty pumped for their performance. Jonghyun was not able to attend so there was no Everybody but the rest did Sherlock, Lucifer, View, Why So Serious.

Just to let you know there were no gaps during the concert. Leeteuk would come back on as MC to keep the crowd going and so did Jin Goo and Han Ji Min came to talk for a bit as well. Then some stars had duets (only 2 during the concert).



  • This is a no-brainer, but the Kcon management and organisation was rubbish. Complete thumbs down from me. How could you allow only 1000 people (and less) into the convention? What about the rest???
  • There was too much confusion going on. No-one knew what was happening UNTIL THE GODDAMN DAY. By then it was too late for most fans.
  • Also, the tickets being apparently being ‘sold out’ and then more tickets, especially good seats… were released a few days nearer the concert…? Really? I felt like I’d been mucked around a lot.
  • No organisation from fans, either. No Bangtan France, no f(x) France….like, where did they go? Only a few dedicated fans were distributing fan stuff. Also, lack of fanchanting, I guess? Just mindless cheering, which isn’t too bad because we’re all here to support our favourite groups, right? It’s because Kcon is too diverse.

This is quite a huge one for me but…

  • Jimin is my ultimate bias. I’ve watched their vids and also looked at fan accounts and Jimin’s personality and his stage presence is so awesome he immediately wormed his way into my heart. So naturally I also made him a banner with his name written in hangul. I looked online and copied the letters exactly and held it up enthusiastically when he came over. Not once did he look, which made me very sad. We were so close to the stage and I always held it up when he walked past several times. Still nothing. It made me sad and disappointed. I will still continue to support BTS but the encounter made me upset. Overall, I thought Jimin came across as a little tired during the concert or doesn’t want to do too much fanservice considering they were chased by some fangirls in Norway? I don’t know. Aside from that, it still made me sad.


YOU BROKE MY HEARTTTTT *sound of a heart breaking in half in the distance*


giphy (4)


Eh…moving on…


I really enjoyed SHINee and all their performances. I’m not really a big fan but I knew more of their fanchants than the people in my section (….no-one really chanted actually…).

Obviously being a BTS fan, seeing them perform and perform soooo many songs was DOPE! (hahaha see what I just did?).

Jhope did a lot of fanservice. At the end when all the groups come out to say their farewells, Jungkook picked up some confetti off the ground and began throwing it. It was pretty funny XD

Also, V pointed at us during their performance because we were the only people in the entire arena to have BTS banners. We also had their official BTS Amy bomb glowsticks. Actually none of the boys really saw our banners but then V pointed at us and I didn’t notice until I rewatched our fancams.

It made me really happy!!!

Basically, he walked close to the edge of the stage and chucked some water from his bottle over his fans, then he turned, walked down and saw us and pointed at our direction.


(I’m probably V biased from now on…)

giphy (3)


Will I go to another Kcon? NO. I’d rather go to an actual concert, save me some moneh for some actual decent fanservice.

Plus, Kcon is actually pretty sucky. Only the concert is good and the fanmeets/hi-touch etc.

Should you go to a Kcon? Yes, maybe one in your life. But personally, having been to several cocnerts by now, I’d choose a concert anytime.



2 thoughts on “KCON Paris 2016 and the BTS Meet + Greet That Never Was

  1. Laura says:

    Im very disappointed because in france “fanchant” doesn’t exist we prefer sing during the whole song so please don’t judge us. Moreover the crowd was crazy we’ve sang during the 3 hours of the concert and I was personally in the middle of kpop fan who sang danced and screw as long as they can.

    • Fish and Chips says:

      In response to your comment, I reread my post and there was absolutely nothing in my post that would give off the impression or my intention to ‘judge’ anyone who attended KCON 2016 at all. ALL my posts contain my opinion regardless and I am free to express them on my blog. From your comment above and the word “screw”, this has actually highlighted the reason why I prefer to attend concerts in Asian countries now because fans are more respectful and mindful towards other fans whilst at the same time showing their support towards their idols which I think you should also take into consideration (Please see my post on BTS fanmeet Japan).

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