Updates April 2016

Riiiighty ho, I think a post about updates so far should be in order:

  1. I’m hoping to write more about otome games in the future, maybe like more indepth reviews and walkthroughs. I’ve played mostly Voltage games, since it’s easily available on the IOS and I play these games on my ipad. I have also splurged a lot on Kissed by the Baddest Bidder (Soryu, Ota, Luke and Hishikura), Star Crossed Myth (Leon, Huedhaut, Dui, Scorpio and Ichthys), Enchanted in the Moonlight (Miyabi mostly…), Our Two Bedroom Story (Kaoru and Tsumugu), My Forged Wedding (Tamaki) and Be My Princess 2 (Kuon and Ivan).140917_01_01
  2. BJDs….. I’ve sold quite a lot of my doll crew because money issues simply happened and also because unfortunately they did not work out for the characters I had in mind and then I had financial problems which I think are kind of sorted now…I hope. I’ve sold namely the Iplehouse KIDs, Chris, Soom Aslan and a Soom Hyperon which I had for a brief time. At the moment I’m perfectly happy with the size of my dolly crew at the moment.
  3. Holidays. Usually I don’t plan any holidays but when I do plan holidays they’re quite big so this year I’m going to see SNSD in Taiwan for their Phantasia concert. I’ll be going with my sister because we are both MASSIVE SNSD FANS AND GOD WE MISSED OUT ON LIKE 50 CONCERTS THEY HELD IN KOREA, JAPAN, HONG KONG, SEOUL AND USA SINCE THEY CAME OUT SO THIS IS PROBABLY THEIR LAST CONCERT WE ARE DEFINITELY GOING TO SEE THIS EVEN IF I HAVE TO SELL A KIDNEY.snsd phantasia concert.jpg
  4. Final Fantasy 15. HOLY F*CK sorry for the swear but I have been waiting since 2006/2007 since they announced it as Final Fantasy Versus 13. I have been waiting almost 10 years for this. 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! And finally they have a release date even though they continuously released other games before this one. I’m a mix between very angry because of that but also very happy, especially when they released the demo. It’s strange. All I know so far is its a road trip and there’s a lot of bromance, exotic places, big monsters, creatures and epicness. Since they messed up Final Fantasy 13, Square Enix better not cock this one up. They have released Stand By Me as their theme song though. Plus, Kingdom Hearts 3 and a Final Fantasy 7 remake is also on the radar too. 3029193-2834762-ffxv_screenshot_duscae_230215_5_1424701305.jpg
  5. Pokemon Sun and Moon…..I remember when Pokemon came out, and when Pokemon Blue and Red came out and I’ve played the Pokemon series up to Pokemon X so far, but now I don’t really find myself enjoying Pokemon as I used to do. But it’s interesting to see how far they can go with Pokemon considering it’s been around for  so long!sun-moon-169-en
  6. KCON 2016. Kcon 2016 will have Mamamoo, and I have become a Radish (the name of their fans lol). I don’t think I’ll be able to go to Kcon this year. The concert is worth it but not the actual convention.9656.jpg


Hmm that’s all I got for now. So long folks!


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