Iplehouse Grace and Cordelia arrive!

You may remember that Iplehouse held a Christmas event from December to January this year. Their event was something along the lines like spend $1000 get $100 off or spend $500 and get $25 off the order. I ordered an SID Grace in Normal Skin with the large bust option, general thigh and faceup C, and I had her on 3 months layaway. I also ordered a couple of clothes and a new pair of SID hands for Nana.

Along the way, before I finished paying my final layaway, I won an Iplehouse Cordelia off the website – she is real skin, with a faceup and mobility thigh. So after the 3 months passed, I had both dolls on their way and they arrived today!

I was actually more enthusiastic about Cordelia (sorry Grace). I have decided to call her Aerys (pronounced Aeris) and she is my first Iplehouse JID doll. I had liked Cordelia when she came out in the Carved Heritage series and when I missed out on her, I looked at her once more when Iplehouse re-released their CH dolls. I still didn’t buy her, however! When the auction came, I actually got her for more than $100 cheaper. NEAT!



So Cordelia came in a snazzy blue box with her COA and manual. Her faceup was very lovely 🙂


Next, I saw all the clothes I’d ordered and so took a quick pic – I’ve still got my KIDs so I bought a new dress for Lonnie and the EID Signor R.set. Let’s just say……….I have never spent so much on clothes….and its not even for me, but a doll…….


Oh well, I really don’t regret it considering how great The Boss looks with it on (I’ll see if I can show you guys pictures later).

I got 2 Iplehouse calendars so I’ve put one up on sale. It’s very nice ^^

Here is Grace’s box – it’s the new SID woman box which you may know about by now. It’s black with a mannequin-like SID woman on it. I actually preferred the old box design.



As mentioned before, I got Grace in NS, large bust, general type and with faceup C. I actually thought about getting Yur’s faceup and I asked Iplehouse about the custom faceup but decided to go with a Grace default one. I was torn between faceup A and C because they both looked so nice. Needless to say I’m not disappointed at all!


I quite liked her blue eyes but decided to try my own to see what kind of look I could achieve with her. Again, I was not disappointed!


Aside from that, I’ve dressed her in an Iplehouse dress and given her a wig (that definetely needs brushing) and I took her downstairs to show my sister. To my absolute horror she pointed out that her bust was huge and she looked like a porn star. Sigh.

So, a bit about why I chose Grace…her sculpt is PERFECT and fits a character of mine who is simply known as ‘The Baroness’. The Baroness is the wife of The Boss (or Roan, as he is not formally known as). A long time ago, he was injured in a fight and as he tried to escape from his pursuers, he broke into a large mansion and was found by The Baroness. She pitied him and took care of him, but he fell in love with her and when he had recovered fully, he fled the mansion. Now, the Baroness already had a fiance, but Roan came back for her, killed her fiance and took her away. Since then, he constantly showers her with exotic and luxurious gifts, but she neither reciprocates nor does she try to escape from him and she seems somewhat content being under his care…. So it’s a bit of a strange relationship… but that’s their story anyway.

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed!



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