My Forged Wedding: Tamaki Kikushima Walkthrough (Super Happy Ending)


Ooooh it’s been so long since I posted something about otome games. I decided to post a walkthrough for Super Happy Ending for Tamaki who recently became available for 5 chapters (ALL FOR FREE) along with Yamamoto but I chose Tamaki because Raaaawr he’s one hottie. Plus I played this game until 3am in the morning. That was how hooked I was. The last time I was hooked on something like mad was Pokemon Black/White (LOL).

PS Sorry it says Merry Christmas this is Tamaki’s special image. I couldn’t find anything else UWAGHH TT_TT

So his route reminded me of Boys Over Flowers – you know, the relationship between Domyouji and Makino (and for you Korean Boys Over Flowers fan – Gu Jun Pyo and Geum Jan-di).

And also………. Tamaki actually reminds me of someone.


From Scared Rider Xechs? Another otome game which I was crazy about back in 2011?


Except Tamaki is a super pervy rich dude so totally not like Yosuke…

I had never played My Forged Wedding so I was relatively surprised to see you are only given two choices, so either A or B, not A, B or C, unlike other otome games. Anyway it was quite easy to pick which would be a good choice for Super Happy End considering one option would make you like a really nice person whilst the other choice would be a rather super douchebaggy response.

So here is the walkthrough…

Episode 1:

A. Look for a camera

B. You’ll hurt your wife’s feelings

Episode 2:

A. She’s a valued partner

A. You’re far too kind…

Episode 3:

A. Really?

B. That’s not the issue here

Episode 4:

B. Even as your wife I won’t do it

A. Why do you want to know

Episode 5:

A. Apologise to the shochu

A. I’m not a good match for you then

Episode 6:

B. Maybe I’ll wear this at Long Island sometime?

B. How did you figure that out?

Episode 7:

B. Jump out of bed and run away

A. (Be modest)

Episode 8: 

B. Look at Tamaki but say nothing

A. Hit me back

Episode 9:

A. You love him if you want

A. I’m just happy to marry the man I love

Episode 10:

A. Say something (Note: or you can pick B – which is “Do you have an underwear fetish” purely for the LOLs)

B. What if I said I wasn’t pretending

Episode 11:

A. Gently tickle him

A I’m his wife after all

Episode 12:

B. Anyone could do what I did

A. So what?

Episode 13:

A. So you consider me your wife?

A/ There may or may have not been…

Episode 14:

A. We’re not married yet

B. I’m such an idiot



So here are my thoughts…

MC 4/5

OMG I miss MCs like these. I thought MC from Love Letter from Thief X was the best, followed shortly by MC from True Love Sweet Lies. I looooooove how Voltage MCs were like before they brought out newer otome games like Kissed By The Baddest Bidder or Scandal in the Spotlight. All I can say is, in newer otome games, the MC cries. LIKE ALL THE FUCKING TIME. She is such a pushover in those games I really hate it. I like the old MCs. My Forged Wedding MC has so much sass and isn’t afraid to speak what’s on her mind and she also isn’t afraid to give the guys exactly what’s on her mind either! And she cries when…you know, when there’s a reason for crying  – like a puppy got ran over or something.

I really liked her interaction with Tamaki. Their bickering and interaction was so smooth and….natural (I guess?), and I laughed really hard at some points. She has so much balls. She even slapped him for Christ’s sake, because he was being a jerk to his friends. And guess what?! She even TELLS him he was being a jerk and that he should apologise. WOOT go MC. But don’t go slapping everyone now, alright?

Tamaki 4/5

Tamaki gets a 4/5. He’s super pervy, super arrogant, and super-rich with a black underwear fetish. He even has a 5 storey house all to himself. I don’t know about you guys but I guess 5 storey houses are quite normal in Japan. I’ve seen 3 storey houses but not 5 storeys, unless they were an apartment or something. So yeah, Tamaki is a super rich guy who, unlike rich guys these days, he actually works a job. He has his father’s business and he is up against his brother and they both fight for land. I won’t spoil the story for you so that’s all you’re gonna get out from me lol. He also likes animals very much.

And he does this a lot:


I’m not kidding! Look!


Okay, so I’ve probably shown a bad side to Tamaki, let’s focus on his good yah?


BUNNIES! He likes bunnies! And he likes them more than people…, I guess that’s alright (ok this screenshot is from the Epilogue I’m sorry!!!!)

Okay, so this is from the main route (below)

This is when you try to help him adjust his tie before he goes to work one day. He blushes like crazy:



And Tamaki can really be sweet too:



In terms of Tamaki and MC, earnestly he did dupe MC at the beginning to become his fake wife. But after she becomes his fake wife, he flirts with her at some point, gets her to wash his back whilst he sits buck nekkid in the tub, and genuinely grows to like her and even declares no-one else can wear the ring but her!!! LE GASP! And there’s a clearly visible rivalry between him and Yamamoto (who obviously is crushing hard on MC in this route) when Tamaki states that Yamamoto is “some annoying guy who made a pass at his wife”. Whooohooohooo. Plus he gets jealous when sees MC texting Yamamoto with heart emojis. WHooohooohooo. Anyway, Tamaki and MC are the archetypal rich guy-poor girl couple of this game and it actually works!!!

Just to let you know there is some arguing in this route (which actually make sense and is kinda realistic), and there’s some R-18 stuff (even more in the Epilogue geez what is wrong with with you Voltage).

CGs 4/5

I liked the CGs in this route 🙂

Seriously how can you go wrong with this.


In the end, sorry it’s not a very indepth review – there’s really tonnes more to Tamaki’s route and I would recommend it. Sure, he’s pervy but all Voltage guys seem to be pervy at some point. And genuinely I really enjoyed this route. I’ve also played Tamaki’s Epilogue and his Christmas special, which were both equally hilarious and entertaining and full of sex R-18 stuff. If you’ve noticed I don’t write a lot of reviews, only for those that I really find worthy to spend £2.99 on.


Until next time!



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