The babies are home :)

Hey everyone, I have another box opening. Seems my recent posts so far are just box openings which kind of takes away the magic of box openings for dolls TT_TT Anyway, you won’t see another box opening anytime soon because I haven’t ordered anymore. Buying dolls is actually very stressful. It’s not even just GETTING the doll, it’s the choosing of the sculpt, knowing that you need to buy eyes, clothes, wig and shoes for them…it ain’t easy -sigh-.

My last purchase from Iplehouse were Chris, Lonnie and Irene. They arrived on Thursday 24th September. Needless to say I was more interested in the KIDs than Chris himself because I’ve never had a MSD.


This is what Chris looks like



He’s pretty P: I’ve actually put Chris up on the DOA marketplace and on ebay. I like him but unsure if I am able to keep him due to some financial issues going on. If anyone’s interested let me know.

Moving onto the KIDs…


Omg, the KID boxes are so adorable.

They slide out which is pretty neat and they’re sitting inside a little cushion. I got them all in normal skin with no faceup.

This is Lonnie:


PLUS iplehouse sent me all green eyes. For three dolls. TERRIBLE!!! Aside from that…They’re so cute and tiny X3

And this is Irene



They’re meant to be twins.

Thanks for looking!


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