My Grail!!! (Iplehouse Claude)

My grail is here!!! Actually he arrived two days ago but I had no time to write up a doll opening post so unfortunately I’ve had to write one now – even though I don’t actually have much time to write…. Poor grail doll! Not off to a good start, eh???

Anyway, my grail is an Iplehouse Claude. I got him in real skin, no faceup. I’ve been lusting after him since 2013. I bought a bunch of dolls before him and I love them too, they’re my doll family, but I never got Claude, partially because it was due to Doll Choice and seeing all that money disappear would make me have a heart attack.

But I figured I should get him because then I’m due to go on hiatus on the hobby to actually spend some more time and to work on my dolls a lot more so after getting Claude, I have no more desire to buy any dolls (for now). Plus, I am running out of space in my closet for anymore. That too.

So here le box of le grail:





I’ll need to work on his faceup this weekend because I have no time after work –sobs- (sorry for my fugly room it is such a mess)


He stands so well. Even as a blank face he is so gorgeous.

Thanks for looking


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