Soom Romantic York in NS

Hi everyone, I have a box opening to share with you all! I finally got my Soom Romantic York through the post today yay! I ordered him back in February, had him on 4 month layaway, and that’s him just here because I didn’t realise Soom started producing the doll after you finished paying, so altogether it was a pretty long wait. Never again! If I order from Soom I’ll know for next time that I need to pay in full.

I made a box opening video but I really had no idea what I was saying so decided not to post it up L

Anyway, I’m fine with pictures so here goes!

Soom box! I am definetely keeping this. It was smaller than I thought and there was no bubble wrap around the box or anything but it was in excellent condition.




York came in a cushion that reminded me of the Dollclans one I got when Kien arrived. It was very foamy so hopefully York is safe…


Ahh! The moment of truth! York’s head was actually not packed with the doll body. He was lying in one corner but still in pristine condition. OMG he’s so pretty! I got him with the company faceup because I am terrible at faceups but I’m really happy with Soom’s faceup because he looks great! Look at dem eyebrows! I am so happy with his sculpt *3* Romantic eyes totally suit York!!


His picture really matches to the one they had on the Soom website. Because most of his promo pictures – they were either too dark or the wig was covering most of his face, I was worried I might not like his sculpt but I’m really happy with him! Soom Idealian body is quite nice! I’m liking his abs! The brain part got me a bit confuzzled at first though.



Bad news – one of his hands were damaged in transit. A finger broke off. I could glue it back but I also left a message for Soom on their board.


I randomly put on a wig and gave him some eyes. I don’t think he suits that hairstyle but I’ll see what happens




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