Reiji 2.0 Arrives

Hey y’all, so my Fifth Motif Venitu finally came home today! If you were not sure, I oordered Venitu because I decided to reshell one of characters – Reiji, from an IOS sculpt on a Popodoll body to a Venitu. I found the Venitu sculpt much more to my liking than IOS Mezz . I had Venitu on layaway and was told he would’ve taken an additional 2 more months to send but I was quite surprised to see that he came so early!!!

Let the picture spam begin!

This was his box. It was not a Dollshe box so that made me sad 😦 I saw a Fifth Motif Venitu opening on youtube once and saw that Dollshe doesn’t give you boxes, but it’s rather the shipping box IS the box, so all I got was foam, string and ET like hands.



I also got a certificate of authenticity. My Venitu is Number 259. It’s like a little card


Here he is, my beautiful boy!!!! I think I got him in Pureskin Oriental. He’s a lovely ivory colour 🙂 It’s similar to Iplehouse NS but a little darker.


He has an interesting butt.


His head and hands and feet are interesting too @_@


He stands really well and is really sturdy and overall, I am so pleased with him!!! Here he is with his faceup…


I also got him dressed too 🙂



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