My Doll Family August 2015 + Instagram account!

I met a new friend over DOA and after exchanging PMs and finally adding each other to instagram, I finally worked up the courage to take some photos of my dolls. So what exactly is bonding with your dolls?? Well, I would say I definetely felt closer to all of them after I tried to arrange them all for this family photoshoot.

Of course, I am still waiting for additional dolls so am definetely looking forward for more arrivals of resin babies and my ever-growing family, plus, with Reiji 2.0 and The Boss’ arrival, the family just got a little more interesting and now feels complete!

Grimm is flaunting his new outfit. It’s the fluffy collar that does it @_@ Kanna is looking as sinister as ever, and no-one will ever know what she was thinking when this photo was taken. The Boss and Reiji are standing far apart so they don’t fight, and Nana is very happy that Reiji has returned to her. Poor girl, I had her split up from for months. Needless to say they had a happy reunion although Reiji was a little awkward…


Or not?


Whilst we give Nana and Reiji their privacy, I took a lovely photo of Kanna and Grimm – they are best friends and spend a lot of time together.


Did I ever show you their matching bear onesies? Probably not… ok, here it is:



Time for another family photo; this time, I got the lighting sorted out 😉 Hmm, Reiji, what on earth happened to your hair? lol



Photoboming cat dog thing in the background 🙂


I’ve created an instagram account as fishandchips4. Follow me and I’ll follow you too! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Doll Family August 2015 + Instagram account!

  1. Christina Levine says:

    Hahaha! That was so funny! 🙂 Lol, I’m glad to have met you ^^ And yesh, those onesies are precious lolol! Where did you get them? *grinning the whole time derrp*

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