The Boss is home (Iplehouse Leonard in Real Skin)

Hey everyone, my Leonard came home today yay! I ordered him a while ago when it was the re-release of the Carved Heritage series and although CH really didn’t do much for me, I really liked the look of Leonard and when I got a second chance, I decided to put him on a 4 month layaway and now he’s finally here *fanfare in background*

I know there’s been other Leonard openings so sorry if this is nothing new.

Warning: Pics of one naked man.

1. Leonard’s box was massive, he is actually not my first EID doll since I won an auction Chase a while back but he was Superhero and his body was super clunky and I couldn’t get used to the size so I wondered if I would actually even like the EID size. Turns out I do!

2. So much bubblewrap!!! I’m surprised by how plain the EID boxes are whilst my SID Aria’s boz was so….orange and colourful lol. You know, I thought they’d do a special pirate-themed box for CH dolls too but oh well.

3. At least I got a CH certificate of authenticity whooo~~

4. Here is his gorgeous mug. I got him in real skin, but blank. I don’t like the Iplehouse faceups for their guys, their eyebrows are too thick for my liking so I’ll try and do Leonard’s faceup myself. I’m still thinking of a name but I think The Boss is good so far for a nickname, cos he’s the leader of the clan and he’s meant to be a mysterious figure. The boss is meant to be a nice, mysterious and handsome, unknown man who’s like…always smiling (so Leonard’s sculpt really fit the character LOL).

5. His face and body is so sexah! Look at dem abs! It dawned to me I used a heart to censor his privates. He also stands very well and the detail on his feet and hands are amazing.

6. I got some goodies for him – 2 vests, dog tags, some pants and the new leather jacket. The jacket cost $58 and for the price, the quality is actually kinda meh.

7. I noticed this on his head. See where I circled it in red? It’s pale spots that are different from his skintone. Is this normal for a doll or should I tell Iplehouse??? Could he actually be a defect?

Anyway, thank you so much for reading.

Despite the pale parts, I am actually really pleased with Leonard and he was definetely worth the wait considering how handsome he is. I’ve never had a real skin doll before so he’ll really be interesting to work on. I’m wondering how I will get on with his faceup.

Tomorrow my Fifth Motif Venitu will also arrive too so hopefully will have some time to write another box opening or even make a video (although today I was so excited I just forget making videos).


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