New York Kcon 2015 – Newark

Yay, now onto Kcon 2015!

It was in Newark so we decided to go to New York AGAIN for a couple of days. We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel once more but we managed to get a package with British Airways who we were flying with. However, since it was the second time going to NY, we had a better idea of our bearings and what to expect.

DAY 1:

We got into JFK roughly the same time as before but this time our taxi driver was much nicer which was a nice change. We had soooo many problems beforehand though. We flew to Heathrow only to realise my sister did not have her credit card and that was the card we used to pay for Kcon tickets so we were worried if we would be able to even attend Kcon and pick up our tickets since we were International customers and had to go to the Box office stall called ‘International Will Call’ to pick up tickets. Then my sister spilled water all over me too. Lovely.

To top it all off, we were sitting apart, so my sister sat in front of me and I sat behind her in the aisle. I got hassle from a Spanish or Italian couple who asked me if I could change seat so they could sit together because it was their honeymoon. I said no because we had reserved the seat and we had already checked in and paid £30+. I ended up getting some hate from them and I actually felt really bad especially when they began talking to other passengers saying Boohoo they weren’t able to sit together. BUT WAIT A MINUTE. Me and my sister paid for our seats and we had to pay to check in too but that couple was too friggin cheap to go online and reserve seats so that’s why they were split up and if it was your honeymoon couldn’t you even bother to prepare beforehand???!!! And me and my sister were split up too so how do you think we feel?! I was worried that I would have to deal with this for 7 hours but the flight attendant spoke to them and I think they upgraded them. Oh whatever, I was glad they were gone and so were the other passengers.

Anyway, once we were at New York, we headed to our hotel straight away; the weather was hot and great and we decided to walk around. We headed to American Eagle Outfitters, Bryant Park and Macy’s and finished with dinner at Ruby’s Tuesdays.


They were doing a MASSIVE exercise yoga event in Bryant Park heehee.

We also did some regular shopping and some sightseeing:


DAY 2:

It was the day before Kcon and the concert and you were able to pick up tickets early at the venue from 2pm so we woke up very early to go to Sarabeths which is close to Central Park. We were solely disappointed in the experience.


There was too many people, it was way too crowded, the restaurant was small and the service was chickenshit. I ordered a Salmon Eggs Benedict and it didn’t taste any different than other Eggs Benedict. My sister got the bacon one and was solely disappointed because her bread was too tough and burnt. Cutlery was dirty and so was my plate. We only spent 40 minutes in there and left! Considering it cost us $60+, we weren’t happy at all and won’t be coming back.


Dirty cutlery and plates! Here’s me hoping you see that yellow furry stain on my plate ^

Onto some good news for a change eh? I went to Abercrombie and Fitch and Sephora to buy some goodies. I got a red hoodie and some makeup.

PS Abercrombie and Fitch is quite an ugly looking store from the outside.


Omg I went mascara crazy. I love mascaras. I think I have a large collection of them. We then went to find Penn Station NYC to go to Penn Station Newark and found the tramsline which is NJ Transit. It was a bit of a struggle but basically you have to wait deep within the station and either you are looking for Amtrak or NJ Transit. But we were on the NJ so yes, we found the ticket booth, ordered a ROUND TRIP to Newark (not Return, as it is called in Britain), then we got ushered to the ‘Waiting Room’ and waited for our train to be called out.

They have double decker trains in New York!!

We got to Newark Penn Station in 18 minutes after 1 stop (Secacause…?) and headed to the venue. It was rather empty and when we went to collect our tickets, the lady at the counter could not be assed to help us and told us to come back tomorrow. Feeling that she was too shady and a crap Customer Service Agent in general, we went back, spoke to another girl, and voila, she gave us our tickets!

Kcon was a strange event.

You had to register online beforehand and print it out. Then you would also need your ticket for pre-registration, so we had our print outs and tickets and went to the pre registration booth where it was split into sections called P1 and P2, P3 and P4.

Basically –

P1 – Standing/seated. Swag bag and guaranteed Artist engagement (hi touch with chosen artist)

P2 – Seated. Swag bag and guaranteed artist audience pass with an artist

P3/P4 – Seated. Swag bag, no guarantee artist pass

Me and my sister had P2 tickets. I scratched one card and got AOA. I was so happy because the reason I went to go to Kcon was to see AOA. My sister scratched hers next and got Teen Top which she wasn’t happy about. There was a scuffle before because apparently tonnes of people got Teen Top. Vixx was in high demand and SNSD were not doing any artist engagement. So yeah, there was AOA, Teen Top and Vixx. Vixx were doing artist engagement and the rest were doing audience stuff (meaning you just stand and look at them).


We lurked around because there was so many people wanting to trade their cards for their idols so my sister at first, could not choose between Vixx or AOA but decided to settle for AOA at the end. So after we traded, we decided to head back to New York City and got Five Guys burgers for dinner.

DAY 3:


We headed to Penn station roughly 8.20am and arrived in time to see that there were already people there. We headed inside and collected our Swag Bags and were wondering what kind of goodies it had. To our disappointment, it was only a pack of stickers. Our first disappointment. NOT ENOUGH SWAG!!!!

There were several booths around, namely posters, t-shirts, caps, Soshi booth, some food stuff and a Kpop DJ booth, workshop panels and other expo booths. We headed straight for the line for AOA since they were at 11am. There was another queue there already! We queued from 9.40am and entered the building at 10.45am. It was roasting outside so thank god we packed 2 bottles of water with us. Unfortunately I’m sure we got sunburnt in the process.

AOA was full of guys with some girls, including me and my sister. We had to split up and we were perhaps in the three or fourth row. Even then our view was limited because everyone was so freaking tall. I only managed to get a few pics –


We lurked around Kcon for a while afterwards and headed to the booths. There were dance battles, a DJ booth, a Bubble Tea booth and Korean Dumpling booth. We also got some SNSD stuff for the concert and glowsticks.

The concert was very good. It was also very busy!!!


VIXX came out first. I don’t know a lot of VIXX songs but they performed Error, which I really enjoyed.


Then it was AOA who performed Heart Attack, Like a Cat, Short Hair, Confused and Miniskirt. Whoohoo!


I’ve got so many AOA pictures lol.


It was Teen Top next – I did not know who Teen Top were but now I am definetely a fan. They performed a lot of songs too but I liked Miss Right, Ah-ah and Rocking.


Finally, it was SNSD! They performed Catch Me if You Can, Check, Gee and Genie and Party.


Hopefully we got better pictures this time.


I liked their USA-themed outfits lol.


DAY 4:

We were extremely tired but today was definetely a day to get more sightseeing and other stuff done. 

I was determined to find Nintendo World because I couldn’t find it last time and we did walk around a few loops but managed to find it near Rockefeller Centre. It was great! And the guy at the cash desk was really nice too 🙂 


So much pokemon, Super Mario and Zelda 🙂 It was like a museum for Nintendo tbh.


It showed you the evolution of Gameboys to Nintendo DS. I remember my Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Advanced and Gameboy SP!!

… I had a lot of Gameboys ^_^””


M&M World. It was way too mobbed here and we didn’t really get any souvenirs but overall, nice shop to look at.


We decided to go to Brooklyn Bridge and to get the infamous Brooklyn ice cream so we got the Uptown Loop and then waited for the Brooklyn Tour. We crossed over to Dumbo then walked back. The queue for the ice cream was very long and not really worth it. The people working there didn’t even look as though they be bothered serving or working there either. We also decided to walk the bridge back to New York.


I thought it would take 2-3 hours – it only took half an hour!



Brooklyn ice cream shop and their prices. My sister got Peaches and Cream and I got Raspberry Chocolate Chunk.

We walked the bridge!!!!!!!!


Disney Store was next upon return to NYC. Lots of Frozen and Marvel goodies there!!!


Hersheys next. There was a guy handing out chocolate at the entrance. He asked us where we were from because we were such nice tourists lol 🙂 If you need Hershey gifts – get it here. It was 4 for $17 for Hershey Miniatures and Reese’s Pieces. At the airport we had to pay $15 for 1 bag 😦


DAY 5:

We didn’t do much on the last day because we were shattered. We headed to Central Park again, went to Sephora and CVS to get some goodies.


We also got Wafels and Dinges. I got de Bom and my sister got World’s Fair or something like that. We got it from Bryant Park. I would not recommend this one because we saw a worker wiping down the countertops with a dirty rag. She was wearing gloves….then she went to scoop an ice cream for me with the same gloves on. YUCK. I avoided the ice cream scoop like heck. I don’t want food poisoning, no siree.


Souvenirs!!!! We didn’t go crazy this time…


Hope you enjoyed this post!!!


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