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Hey y’all, I decided to post something about fanfic today. Kinda a pointless post to be honest, but hey its my blog and my blog is all about pointless drivel haha. It’s funny how my blog will move from fanfics, otome games to dolls. What has my blog been reduced to? It’s all over the place!!!!!!

Anyways, today’s post is about…


…on your fanfics…

Getting reviews on your fic is important. Here are some results as shown in this nice pie chart about the importance of feedback on your stories.


Getting reviews is important because:

1. You spent hours writing it

2. You have a great idea

3. There is another author on the board with 10 reviews for 5 chapters and so far you have also 5 chapters but only 5 reviews. YOU MUST HAVE 5 MORE OR MORE THAN 5. AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT??

4. Because there is a little number on the bottom of your story where it shows you how much reviews you have and it really bothers you if you see other people with more reviews than you if they have less chapters or the same.

I decided to post about fanfic again because recently my cousin (who I actually got into writing fanfiction), she said to me that she’d been receiving negative reviews on at least every single fic of hers and she pointed out it was not constructive criticism. She can get reviewers who review on every single chapter with nothing positive to say, so consecutively negative reviews. In terms of negative reviews, they are mostly anonymous and say things like “Your fic is boring” or “I give this 4/10” or simply put, troll comments like “What the fuck”.

So basically reviews like this:




She asked me if she was a terrible writer and that she was beginning to feel down and writing no longer made her happy. I had a look at her fics and yes she does seem to be getting reviews like these but she also does have a lot of other positive feedback from her readers, so it made me really think about the kind of crowd that has attracted over the recent years.

I felt awful for her experience since my experience on fanfic has been fine and sure I got some shitty idiots who gave me some crap but I gave them crap back and put them in their right places; I also felt bad for what had happened to her so have decided to post – again, a bit of a rant, maybe?

There seems to be a decline in review quality and the people who read and write fanfiction these days are significantly different than those who were there when it was the early 2000’s.

I’ve been writing since 2001. I officially joined in 2004. Since I joined I’ve written over 25 stories – some unfortunately I deleted due to lack of inspiration (or because I simply hated them and thought they were dumb and stupid stories). I’ve also written on Lunaescence so count an additional 4-5 stories. Then I wrote one shots on the non-existent website Freedom of Speech and contributed a further 9+ stories.

I can honestly say since 2004 I never received consecutive negative reviews like my cousin from anonymous folk or those who have accounts.

I have received one flame before when I wrote Confessions of a Teenage Hitman. It was when I was up to Chapter 25 or something and it was  the most hurtful comment I had ever received out of 500 something reviews. I can’t remember what it was all about but it was definitely mean and full of malice. I also received one weird review for my first fanfic which was Cosmopolitan Girl the YGO version, but that fic definetely sucked so whatever.

Then afterwards, I don’t recall my other fics getting anonymous reviews like the ones my cousin gets.

It made me re-think about the kind of people who are on fanfiction nowadays. They seem to be leaving behind negative comments for no reason and they are offering little or no constructive criticism whatsoever, so essentially, it feels to me that these people are just leaving behind horrible comments for no apparent reason other than to be hurtful. They think they can leave behind nasty comments because they just want to.

Are they really trolls though? Hmmm…


The way how I see it, there seems to be a decline in terms of review quality. I’m not grouping those who simply write ‘REVIEWS PLZ’. I mean that the people on fanfiction are different than they were before and no story is safe.

Oh and I finally had a look at some reviews I got for my fic after not checking for like 1 year.


So I got this review on May 18. It’s anonymous. Sadly I cannot respond to anonymous reviews? Whoever asked this should ask via my blog (as outlined on my fanfic profile page).

I found a legit dumb review on my fic too. This just proves today’s point about weird-ass reviews.


My thoughts: And….? What exactly is your point? What are you actually trying to say? Most importantly…what the hell do you want from me?

But yeah, this was quite a recent review, sometime last year I believe.

My point being, fanfic writing is no longer fun for my cousin and she has told me she will stop writing after finishing up her major stories; she still has some which are fairly new with 5+ chapters but she has told me she no longer wants to continue with them since her experience has made her discouraged about her writing. I feel bad for her but I hope this post may shed some light onto her situation.

Aside from that, fanfic really has changed and it is no longer a friendly place.

I think this picture sums up my point pretty well:



2 thoughts on “Bad Reviews on

  1. kmisa says:

    I haven’t left a comment in ages 😡 Back in the days I used to write a lot of fanfiction and got a bad review – in those days you could also get a comment screener to censor any swear words. Basically what I got was a bunch of swear words telling me I should never write ever again. In retrospect, it was from someone I knew, because it was posted on one of those build your own website platforms, and this was back before Google existed so it was almost impossible a stranger managed to work their way to my work and even bother leaving a comment.
    In fact, if they were so bothered to leave negative feedback without even explaining it, I don’t think it’s worth even reading. I was never offended by the comment because it looked stupid from the comment censor, and it didn’t stop me from doing something that gave me joy. Sure, having people read your stuff is nice, and leaving nice comments is even better – but I think at the end of the day, as long as it’s something you enjoy and makes you happy, that is the most important thing.
    tldr; keep it up – there will always be silly comments, but as long as you’re happy, forget all that!

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