Doll Plans Mid-2015

Hey y’all, so I noticed I hadn’t blogged anything funky for the past couple of weeks since playing Star Crossed Myth so decided to write about some BJD related stuff, namely my plans so far. This year has really been all spontaneous plans brought on by browsing and lurking on various BJD websites, mainly Iplehouse since they’re now doing a summer sale.

So! Here’s what’s been happenin’…..

Iplehouse Lee

I managed to grab my hands on an Iplehouse Lee head. Lee is super rare and is sold out on the Iplehouse website and is a discontinued sculpt. I got him second hand from the DOA marketplace but decided to sell him in the end because I just had no plans for him and his normal skin tone didn’t match ANY of the new Iplehouse bodies because he was made probably before 2012?

I had been wanting to make him into something like this…


But in the end I decided to sell him to a kind owner on DOA who had been looking for a Lee for a long time and will hopefully take really good care of him! X3

FullSizeRender (2)

Iplehouse Chase

I won an Iplehouse Chase from their auction. I was dumb and didn’t realise it doesn’t work the same as ebay, so if you put in a bid that’s the amount you are bidding for, it’s not an estimate, so you know how if you put in $100 or something, but the current bid is only $50 on the item (for eg), then the highest bid will be your bid, but it will be like $51 or something?

Silly me put in a high number and then no-one else bidded after me and I ended up paying for Chase a fair bit more than I should’ve considering I didn’t really have any competition o_O Anyway, Chase arrived home really really really quickly, like 3 days after I paid, which is super quick for Iple @_@ and also, I didn’t have to pay any customs, which also surprised me. I think next time I will ask Iple to lower the value if that is ok.

I ended up selling his body because he was a Superhero body which I didn’t want considering I had ordered a Iplehouse EID in model. When I got him I was really surprised, EID Superhero is sooooo freakin big.  I don’t think I did a box opening of Chase. I was too excited for him.

They sent him bald, naked and with no eyes. Poor dudeee!


I was planning on buying him a new body actually, but I need to think a bit more on what to do with him. He is currently up on sale on DOA marketplace though.

Soom Idealian Romantic York.

I’ve paid off his layaway and left a message on the board and Soom informed me that he is now in production which I had no idea about since I thought Soom would begin production after the first or second layaway like Iplehouse. Guess I was wrong (and didn’t bother to bloody read their terms and conditions, my bad). I had him on 4 months so my total wait will be roughly 7 months in total. Ouch, this is so painful….


Iplehouse Leonard

Leonard was a really impulsive buy because Iplehouse released their Carved Heritage dolls for a second time and I had missed out on Leonard when he first came on sale. I decided to take advantage of the layaway system since if you go through Dollchoice you have to pay for it in full which I couldn’t afford to do at that certain moment. I’ve almost finished paying him off.


5th Motif Venitu

Venitu is now completely sold out on Dollshe’s website. I think after my order, only a few more orders popped up on DOA Dollshe Waiting Room. I am almost finished paying off his layaway so hopefully he will be on his way soon! =^_^=

His character is supposed to be a reshell of Reiji, who used to be a Popodoll IOS hybrid, but I’ll see how it goessss.

(PS this is not my photo but I am loving this Venitu)


Iplehouse Chris, Lonnie and Irene

I debated a long time about this but since it was the summer holiday sale, I got Chris, Lonnie and Irene because of Iplehouse’s 10% off ALL basic dolls including Crow, who had just been released. I was enticed to invest in Chris and KIDs. Irene and Lonnie were waaaaaay too cute to pass by, and I’ve kinda fancied Chris since he came out in The Addiction. Plus, Iplehouse had increased their shipping rates so I decided to save by investing in dolls at one time rather than buy them separately and having to dish out more monies for shipping and customs.

Other dolls I really want include Yur and Claude. Maybe another time………….



Here is a lovely photo of Chris ^

I ordered KID Irene! I’ve mostly stuck to SD-sized dolls so KIDs are 34cm so I think they are MSD sized…. I’ve never owned a MSD so wonder what that will be like. You can choose if you want KIDs to be boy or girl which is quite neat for Iplehouse, so I got Irene as a boy lol. ZOMG look at that cute little face >o<


And I  also got Lonnie as a girl hehe.  I ordered all dolls with no faceups. I don’t like Iplehouse faceups lately, and especially opted out of one for Chris because they give their Iple men big bushy eyebrows.


Ohh can’t wait for my resin babies to come home :3



4 thoughts on “Doll Plans Mid-2015

  1. Christina Levine says:

    Oh wow! That’s a lot of dolls and plans! ^^’ Man, you sure seem to have a lot of monies. Congrats on the big Iplehouse order! Their dolls are gorgeous, and are so life-like 🙂 Would it be safe to say that Iple is your favorite company? 😉 I’m really looking forward to seeing the huge Iple box opening, the Soom boy, and of course, Venitu! 😀 Do you know of any names yet? (Other than Reiji of course.)

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 I managed to sell iplehouse Lee and Chase so that’s me got some monies back. Noooo I am seriously broke as hell. Since I got my first Iplehouse, I have been unable to save and I’m guilty of digging into my savings to pay off layaways!!!! 😦 I would say Iplehouse is definetely my favourite company. Their communication has always been really reliable, they make lovely sculpts. i have other names yeah, I have Dollclans Kien (Grimm), fairyland Mirwen (Kanna) and then Iplehouse Aria is Nana lol. I should really dedicate a page for them on my blog all about my doll family hehe 😉

  2. Debbie B says:

    Hi, I made that same mistake a while back with the auction. Luckily someone outbid me. Now I understand their auction. I still find it a bit weird. I am doing better at their auctions now.
    I am waiting on my Venitu, he has shipped along with David Kuncci. I tend to go crazy too when I see all theses dolls. Dollclans sculpts are beautiful too. I have a Kien, waiting on other heads from Dollclans. Congrats on your doll family. Your Aria is very cute. Maybe I should put my Soo in a dress but she is a tomboy.

    You’re going to love your kid Irene. I have a kid Joy as a boy and I love him to bits. He’s my first MSD.

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Yeah I won a KID outfit in the auction too but lost out to the EID sweater this week. Ohhh wow you have a Davd Kuncci too, that’s so awesome. I’d love to see pictures of him of sometime.

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