Fanfiction: What Pisses Me Off, from an Author’s Point of View

Hi everyone, I decided to post up a very ugly truthful post today. I have been writing fics since as early as 2001. I officially joined the fanfiction website in 2004. I stopped writing by 2013. I still have a look every now and then, but there’s nothing enjoyable about fics very much these days.

Here are some my peeves about writing, from an author’s point of view. I just thought about this recently and realised I had so many issues. Time to vent it out….


1. Not getting reviews for your updates.

I work hard on every chapter. I spend a fairly lengthy period writing this, so getting 506 views (for example) and only 2 reviews or none at all for that chapter actually pisses me off

2. Mary Sue OCs or Annoying Reader Inserts

I’m guilty of creating Mary Sues. I now hate them with a passion. Mary Sue OCs with ridiculous names who are paired up with canon characters with clearly dysfunctional, hyperactive and downright terrible personalities, evident from the author’s usage of caps lock in speech and overusage of swear words.

Mary Sue

3. OC stories that start the first chapter with their age and their appearance. My opinion: Who the HELL cares

“Hi my name is Ebony Blacknight, I am 14 years old with waist-long black hair hence my name. I have blue eyes with a dragon tattoo on the left side of my face. It has three claws and green scales. I wear a black corset with black fishnet stockings and pink socks and massive thirty inch platforms heels”

4. Mary Sue stories with dumb as feck backstories where they either got raped/beaten/tortured by their dad/brother/sister/mother’s boyfriend’s cousin’s nephew’s third niece’s dog

If one wants to attempt to write about sensitive stuff like this at least be considerate?

5. Getting tonnes of people adding your stories to their alert list but no reviews, and also – getting more alerts than favs

6. Dumb as feck readers who don’t read your author’s note or your story properly and leave behind some rude review when you’ve clearly covered the topic during your note

7. Stories with crap plot and writing that somehow gets more reviews than you.


8.  Chapters that end with the OC falling asleep because they’re too lazy or un-creative to end their chapter in a different manner

“And Mary Sue fell into a blissful sleep in the arms of her hero, awaiting anxiously tomorrow which would be full of adventure and joy”

Only lazy authors do that who clearly can’t write a story to save their life

9. Stories where an OC gets raped by a canon character/really bad lemons

10. Stories where the author writes with the plot summary: SUMMARY SUCKS or BAD AT SUMMARY, also stories with dumb titles

I’m sure there’s more but I’ll just stop at 10.



One thought on “Fanfiction: What Pisses Me Off, from an Author’s Point of View

  1. Bakamichi says:

    YES! YES! YES! YES x over 9000.
    I totally agree with you. I’ve read many fanfictions on the web and always see those things you’ve listed there.
    What I can add is always these warnings like “YAOI/YURI etc. Don’t like? Don’t read” lol.
    Or what also bothers me is when the characters are totally ooc, the author is too biased or readers who can’t right a review properly like “please more !!!!<3333" and the list goes on. (Thinking about it makes me rage haha). I think finding a good fanfic is rare (and a good lemon story even rarer) and I noticed that always those good ones are almost not finished (which makes me sad btw).
    Thanks for this post, made my day 🙂
    Ps: Reader-Inserts are my guilty pleasures tho.

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