Star Crossed Myth: Huedhaut Sequel + Sequel Epilogue Review

Hello everyone, but of course after Huedhaut’s sequel and sequel epilogue was released I jumped straight at the chance. I think Huedhaut so far is the only Voltage guy in which I have bought the main story, the epilogue, the sequel and the sequel epilogue @_@ I’m a little surprised myself at buying his routes like crazy but squeeee it was all worth it 🙂 I did buy Scorpio’s voiced route with Junichi Suwabe. His voice totally suits Scorpio!!!! 🙂

But this is not about hot stud Scorpio, today we have Hue’s sequel and also a summary of the sequel epilogue. I should probably warn you guys that there are definetely SPOILERS!! 😀

I won’t write a walkthrough for the sequel this time because…

More or the less, the choices in Hue’s routes were always like this:

a) Hug him

b) Push him away

c) Tell him to STFU

So obviously to get the ‘blessed’ ending pick the ones where you are so warm and cuddly with him. Pick nasty choices like ‘Tell him to STFU’ obviously pushes the meter towards ‘forbidden’ ending. If you do tell him to STFU  he’ll comment that you’re pretty cruel HARHARHARR (but he still loves you anyway. What a man).

I got Hue’s Blessed Ending for the first playthrough and was a little disappointed with that ending. But I replayed the game again (because goddamn Hue’s route was soooo glitchy, I had infinite loading screens or Chapter 6 wouldn’t start etc etc) and I managed to get the forbidden ending by choosing the sucky evil choices where you basically stomp all over Hue’s heart with no remorse.

The premise of Hue’s sequel story is that MC is enjoying being a couple with Hue and after they enjoy some nice cake, Hue and MC have some alone time but realise they can’t truly be alone because of the other gods in the mansion unless they go somewhere nice. So Hue takes her to this fabulous Maldives island or something and they sleep together (YEAH REALLY!).

Geez what is happening to Voltage? As if Miyabi in Enchanted in the Moonlight wasn’t depraved enough we get this. LOL.

Umm…I don’t know if I should show you guys the dialogue or not. Well, here’s Hue anyway during that scene…






Anyway the morning after, Hue and MC play around a bit in bed but Hue suddenly gets a headache and MC panics that she was crappy in bed and couldn’t satisfy him and they go back home feeling lousy.

Whilst Hue begins and continues to shut MC off and keeps her distant from him, Zyglavis turns up at the mansion to be a partypooper as usual and tells MC that because her sleeping with Hue (OH MY GOD VOLTAGE TURNING THIS TO A PLOT DEVICE THAT’S JUST WRONG WEIRD I DUNNO ANYMORE) it made the earth go all over crazy and there’s something about naval warfare and water pollution and all that stuff and it hurts Hue to be near the water because he can hear its pain. Riiiiiiight. Turns out Hue was keeping MC distant while he tried to find a solution to this we-did-the-mattress-mambo-but-ah-noes-everyone-gonna-die-now-because-of-that thing to a non nuclear level but fails to find a way to stop it. They have a talk in the garden and we got this nice CG:



Turns out MC must do what her past life did and that is to sacrifice herself (again). Hue obviously refuses to accept this and tells her she is selfish and that he doesn’t want to live in a world without her.

(Sorry I can’t make this into a gif so you’ll just have to put up with seeing Hue’s pretty face hurrhurrhurrr)



MC, instead, asks him to find her again, just like how he found the goddess and MC (ARGHHH MY HEARRTTTT). MC is whisked away by Zyglavis soon without a proper farewell and he shows her the heavenly door to her doom which she must walk through and get…I dunno…vaporised or something like that. Hue turns up when MC begins to lose her nerve, however, and they decide to go through the door together.

Prepared to die together, they go through the door….

…only to see the King who tells them everything’s okay everything is sorted out now.


Yep, so I got the Blessed ending and basically MC and Hue have some alcohol in the garden and they celebrate their near-death-but-turned-out-it-was-a-fluke (I guess?) moment.

A bit discouraged by that, I replayed the game to get the forbidden ending.

And guess what? It was soooooo much better!


Firstly, what is up with Voltage using this as a plot device? It was really….out of the blue…and the situation resolved like dust in the wind >_> I expected a bit more. The Blessed ending was unfortunately disappointing in that aspect too, where Hue and MC just have a few drinks and declare their love for each other, talk about anti-climatic!!!!!

…which brings me to my next point:

Second, the Forbidden ending was actually more entertaining than the Blessed ending, because we get this:




(not that I’m complaining lol……..)

giphy (13)

In terms of the Sequel Epilogue, Hue gets even bolder when it comes to teasing MC:





Anyway, MC and Hue are invited to a ball where the winning couple gets chosen to act out this love scene at the end of it all but the King being the giant cockblock in almost everyone’s route (giant cockblock in Scorpio’s route, that’s for sure) heavenly divine being  (that looked like he popped out of The Lords of The Rings or whatever that he is), has asked Zyglavis to ask MC to go the ball and paired Hue with this randomly Hue-obsessed goddess.

Upset by this, MC is even more devastated when Hue agrees to it with no snarky comment or disobedience. Anyhoo so Zyglavis comes to get her to the ball but since Hue was supposed to give her a dress using his powers, MC doesn’t have one but Zyglavis being this fairy godmother thing gives her a dress which is like super sexy and totally to his taste.

At the ball, Zyglavis shows a kinder side to MC and they get to know each other better. For once I’ve never seen Zyglavis smile.

Whoa Zyglavis, you've turned into a totally different man!!!!!

Whoa Zyglavis, you’ve turned into a totally different man!!!!!

Yet underneath that smile Ziggy’s pretty sadistic…





But MC is still depressed by Hue’s nonchalant attitude towards all of this. Seeing him with the goddess makes her edgy and she steps on Ziggy’s foot whilst they are dancing because she is too busy eyeballing Hue and the goddess.

However, Ziggy eases her qualms by telling her that Hue was actually raging about him taking MC to the ball and even wrote him a letter. PFFFT HUE WHAT A DORK. BUT LOL YES ITS TRUE but I stupidly didn’t take a picture to show it TT_TT”

Anyway, the King, being another giant cockblocker that he is declares the winner of the ball to be Ziggy and MC and they must act out the love scene which finally forces Hue to fly off into a rage in front of everyone and let it all loose that he can’t allow this to happen.

Yay go Hue!


At the end Hue and MC act out the scene and when they go home they get to dance together and then…you guessed it, sexy timezzz. Although the sequel epilogue CG made Hue look like a giant creeper:


Anyway, thanks for reading!!!!!!!



One thought on “Star Crossed Myth: Huedhaut Sequel + Sequel Epilogue Review

  1. Otomefanatic says:

    Eeeeeeep! Thank you again for the review!!! Absolutely love your sense of humour (the words the gifs got me rofl) and the way you tell the story makes me feel like I’m actually going through Hues route!! OMG ur awesome! Thanks for making all these reviews, keep going and 頑張って ,フィッシュ・アンド・チップスちゃん!

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