Star Crossed Myth: Huedhaut Main Story Review + Walkthrough

Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

So I began playing Huedhaut’s route (….I still can’t prounounce his name properly urghh) and I have to say I do not regret it one bit! Here is my walkthrough and review!

I’ve played Leon and Scorpio’s route and then went to Huedhaut. I was contemplating about getting Dui’s route but after reading a sneak preview from another otome blogger I wasn’t too keen about his story premise so decided to skip him.

Anyhoo so I pretty much played Huedhaut’s route using choices I felt were the right ones and got the Blessed ending on the first playthrough yay! I actually don’t remember the actual choices I made because I just played without taking down the choices (sorry) but I did a quick rerun and again picked the ones I remember choosing and *still* got the blessed ending so hehe 😉

So Hue is the god of Aquarius who is responsible for making the alcohol and when you are first introduced to him, he already acts like he knows you but he keeps to himself. In Leon’s route, you also see him a bit more since he works for Leon but in Scorpio’s route I don’t remember seeing him much. His sin is for ‘desecrating oneself for love’.

Here is his description:



Chapter 1

Be too scared to let go

Can I see you again?

Chapter 2

Defend Huedhaut

Look at Huedhaut

Chapter 3

Yep, he really is smart

Don’t say anything

Chapter 4

Close your eyes

Arrogant Cassiopeia

Chapter 5


I guess it was destiny

Chapter 6

Say I’m happy to help

Stay silent

Chapter 7

Tell him to stop

Look at Huedhaut

Chapter 8

Be a little charmed

I wish for hue’s happiness

Chapter 9

Act pouty

Be nervous and stiff

Chapter 10

Grab his hand and stop him

I’ll never give up

Chapter 11

Be angry

Summon your strength and stand

Chapter 12

I’ll grab onto you and never let go

Hug him

~~Blessed ending~~



Here are some pictures of his route…


Omg his blushing face is sooo cute.



I don’t want to spoil too much for you, but I’m probably going to anyway……….Huedhaut’s route was very enjoyable because it was a nice and good ol’ fashioned love story. Nearer the beginning of the story, Hue is quite sarcastic and a little snarky with MC. He is still nice to her, but he maintains a distance from her which makes MC curious about him. MC starts getting dreams of a past life where she is a goddess and she is with Hue. As the story progresses, it becomes pretty clear that in her past life, she was Hue’s lover.

As MC begins to fall in love with Hue, she finds out that her past goddess self sacrificed herself to save humans from a calamity (it doesn’t say when, however) and in order to save her, Hue gave up the ‘stars’ in his left eye to preserve her soul. If he loses the stars in his other eye, he will lose his godly powers and die. His sin was apparently because of this.  He also sees the goddess’ absolve to use herself to save the humans as a ‘sacrifice’ which also makes MC a bit er…upset (not too sure if that was the right word to use) because she didn’t think of it as a sacrifice. The reason why Hue is so melancholy about the goddess’ death is because of this perspective.

MC retains her memories as a goddess but realizes Hue is still in love with her goddess self which greatly depresses her. Hue also understands this but asks MC to go on a date with him and when it is finally time for him to leave because his mark vanishes, MC realizes she loves him but could not bring herself to and they separate. unnatural weather on earth causes an assassination attempt on her life by Zyglavis who discloses to MC that she can’t control the divine power and that is causing an imbalance the earth hence the abnormal weather which will end up destroying the earth. In the heavens, Hue is going to sacrifice his right eye to prevent another calamity happening.

Obviously MC can’t allow that to happen to Hue so she summons her divine power and opens a portal to another dimension where she manages to convince Hue not to sacrifice himself like how the goddess did. There must be another way, MC says, and she manages to finally let Hue realize that there needn’t be anymore sacrifices made.

The King of the heavens then arrives and stops the calamity from happening. MC and Hue then confess their love for each other hurray!

Main Character: 4/5

MC kicked ass in this route because not only did she actually -use- her divine power for a change, but she brought Hue from his spiralling depression and made him love again! Whoohoo! And I really liked their interaction, too. MC was far more likable in this route than Leon’s. She also dresses up for Hue too when it comes to their date only to get this reaction from Hue 🙂


Hue: 4/5

A 4/5 from me. I liked Hue, I really did. At least he was in love with the MC and acted it. He was sarcastic and snarky but I loved that about him!!!!! He is very intelligent and he’s a good nice guy but not to the point where it gets annoying or he becomes waaaay too perfect like some stories. Hue is a god with a tragic past and his actions were right – he keeps his distance from MC because she is essentially his past lover who died (and left him all alone poor baby :() But after they interact he begins to like her as her new reincarnation. The 4 and not the 5 came from that part though. To me it did feel like it happened overnight…there wasn’t enough strong points in the story to push Hue into finally accepting the MC as MC and not his past lover. In the Blessed ending you just see that Hue is in love with MC now. Fair enough, but it still felt too quick for me in some sense.

He has a bath scene though. I definetely will not ruin that for you guys.


I liked Hue’s CG. Verrrrry nice. I wasn’t too keen on his bath one though. I didn’t include it here


Overall: 4.5/5

Hue got more than Scorpio XDDD That’s because I like good ol fashioned love stories. Plus Hue wasn’t this child soldier or anything weird like that. I’m soooo looking forward to his sequel!!!


8 thoughts on “Star Crossed Myth: Huedhaut Main Story Review + Walkthrough

  1. OtomeFanatic says:

    OMG Thank you so much for making this review!!! I’ve been waiting for days for someone to write about Hue!!! OMG I’m so excited >.< he's my fav in star crossed myth (I'm an Aquarius so makes me like him even more haha) Thank you for the plot! (Too poor to buy the story T.T) Good ol love story *hi5* girl!!

      • Otomefanatic says:

        Haha i dont mind the spoilers, it feels like reading manga (heehee) Really? Would you write a review on that as well? Aww thats so sad hope they fix it soon!:))

  2. hue says:

    Thnx for the review….. I absolutely love his route… Far better than Leon’s…. And if u don’t mind can I ask you to do takashi’s review from scandal in the spotlight….

  3. Nika says:

    My meter was all the way down the blessed ending side but i still got the forbidden ending urghh.. Nice review tho 😊😊

    • Fish and Chips says:

      I haven’t had the chance to play Teorus’ routes yet. I’m definetely tempted to give it a shot! I’m a sagittarius so can’t wait for that route (I think its tauxolouve…?)

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