I caved….

…And ordered Fifth Motif Venitu on layaway.   disgusted-oh-god I had a bit of a problem with ordering from their website. It’s not like Soom or Iplehouse; I ordered through the website and then paypal took me to a page where it asked for the FULL amount.

Obviously I couldn’t afford all that in one go so I cancelled. It took me back to my account page where it said my order was cancelled.


And hurriedly, furiously typed an email to Dollshe even though it was like, a Saturday and their working hours were definetely not the weekends.

On Monday I received no reply, so I re-sent the email. Then they got back to me explaining the layaway process. I sent an email back saying I wanted to do layaway and put down my dates of payment. I then went to paypal and paid for my 1st layaway, and put a note down saying who I was and what the payment was for.

After that… …nothing.

I didn’t receive any email confirmation or anything else. No acknowledge they’d taken my payment. But my Order page says ‘Processing’ so here’s me hoping everything is fine.


Because this ‘customer service’ is practically non-existent. And I was furious that I had to send my email AGAIN since I heard nothing back from them >_>

On the plus side I got Grimm’s faceup done. I’m no good, it went blotchy and became all weird. Pastels went everywhere and smudged all over his cheeks and nose. I lost my pencil sharpener and the tip was too blunt so his eyelids are funny. My camera is blurry so I’m safe for now harhar. It’s really hard to stick false eyelashes on a doll lol.

IMG_0517   Overall the process took 4-5 hours. I only sprayed on 2 layers of MSC. Man it stinks.

Here is what he looks like all wigged and dressed. For a guy doll, he’s so pretty *_* finishedgrimm I stuck on an Avengers t-shirt on him. finishedgrimm1 And here is a very nice angle of him. Awww man, he was born for the camera!!! grimm


One thought on “I caved….

  1. Christina Levine says:

    Oh wow, I’m sorry about that! 😦 I sure hope everything works out and you get your boy! He’s so gorgeous. ❤
    I don't know if you're on DoA, but I just want to let you know that MSC is REALLY dangerous. It can give you lung cancer and other bad respiratory problems/health conditions if you use it over time without proper protection. You should definitely look it (MSC) up and invest in a respirator. If you are on DoA, then just look up threads on respiratory protection. 😉
    I'm konakona135 on DoA if you have any questions.

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