Grimm is here! (Dollclans Kien)

Yahoo! My Dollclans Kien is finally home! I’ve been waiting for him since December I got him on a 2 month layaway and an unplanned trip to halfway across the world meant I had to change the layaway payment date in mid-January but Dollclans’ communication was surprisingly pleasant and very quick so I had no problems at all. The wait was painful though and then they charged me about $200 for customs. I’m not sure what happened but maybe I forgot to ask them to lower the value? I have no idea since my Iplehouse and Fairyland orders have been quite generous with customs.

…so yeah, although I was really happy with Kien’s arrival, his customs charge made me a bit sad Also, it’s quite a funny day considering I’ve decided to reshell my IOS Sezz into a Fifth Motif Venitu when I get the monies so Reiji is on his way to a new home soon, but here I am with a new doll arriving at my doorstep.

I’m also not sure why I decided to call him ‘Grimm’. He’s a character who is supposed to be quite shady, full of tricks up his sleeves and generally up to no good. I thought Kien’s sculpt was perfect. LOL.


1. Yay! Dollclans box. It was a bit bashed in some sides though >o<

2. Dollclans don’t give you boxes, they give you bags. I thought the bag was pretty awesome. It means I could use to carry Grimm around or anyone else or I’d take it with me to the gym or when I go travelling XD You can see Kien’s COA on the front of the bag too.

3. I unzipped the bag and got lots of bubblewrap and a soft pillow where Kien was mummified with bubblewrap. So far Dollclans has given me the most bubblewrap out of any doll company @_@ I could also smell lots of resin and my hands got a bit itchy.

Ze pillow of Dollclans

mummified doll!!!

4. Taking Kien out was a bit of a struggle but here he is! His headcap actually popped off halfway through haha. I didn’t get him with a faceup.

5. I made him stand to see how well he posed. He’s very light but sturdy. I forgot to censor his man bits so feast yer eyes!!! Man-junk galore. LOL LMAO SORRY!!!!

6. Here is Kien up close. The lighting in my house is very bad so he appears far more yellow than he is. He’s actually a very nice shade of ivory. I’ll try taking pics of him again in natural light and when I do his faceup over the weekend and change his eyes and wig him up (and dress him. Poor guy). I’m luvin’ his sculpt. It totally suits the character I have in mind for him.

I noticed that he has a very nice neck and he has these little horizontal lines across his chest.

So there you have it! Thank you for reading and looking


2 thoughts on “Grimm is here! (Dollclans Kien)

  1. catgrenade says:

    I’ve never seen a Dollclans box opening before. I think the idea of giving someone a carrying case instead of a box is fantastic! I mean, I’ve got a bunch of doll boxes and all they do is take up space in my tiny closet. That aside, Grimm looks awesome! Can’t wait to see what you do with him. *u*

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