BJD Photography!

Something you must know about the BJD hobby is that owners take photos. These photos can look very professional or amateur. Me, I’m still a newbie to all this so I just make my doll stand somewhere and go snap-happy because I’m kinda lazy and don’t own a good camera of any sort. So today I will post up some really good photos of BJDs which really inspired me to get my own!

1. Fifth Motif Venitu

This is one of the best photos of Venitu I have seen in my entire life. I want this bad boy after seeing this picture:


2. Ringdoll dudes

Ringdoll is another company which has dolls which I want to get my hands on, namely Sol (the one with the blue hat). I still want him >o<

ringdol lgroup


Here is another Ringdoll picture I really like 🙂



3. Soom Hyperon

I still want this guy very badly.


4. Iplehouse

I’ve uploaded a photo similar to this one from my blog before, but this was one of the photos that kickstarted my desire (LOL) to own an Iplehouse Felix and Claude. They’re really hot!!!!


5. Dollzone 

I’ve never wanted a Dollzone BJD, but HOT DAMN Dollzone Cosmo is looking good and super-realistic thanks to his super talented artist.


6. Angell Studio Tusu

Okay, so I really wanted this guy after this picture came out:


But he is a limited edition and completely sold out on the website. I can’t find him anywhere 😦

So there you have it! Some totally awe-inspiring BJD photography. Hope you enjoyed :3


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