Iplehouse Big Outfit Sale Haul 2015

A month ago, Iplehouse announced that they were holding a big outfit sale on certain clothes which would be cut down to 50% of the original price. So I had a look and OMFG! I went insane! I probably really shouldn’t have gone nuts…I mean, I wouldn’t do this in real-life…or would I? O_O

Iplehouse is known to be expensive so I really try to make orders count…But seeing certain items cut down to half price was really a godsend and I couldn’t resist! I have no self control.

So yeah, I went a bit lil’ mental and bought some goodies. I have included a picture of the stuff I got, in which I mostly got clothes for SID males since I have plans 🙂 *cough*CLAUDE*cough*

I also bought an Iplehouse Lee head which was on sale on the DOA marketplace so he should be arriving sometime soon. Lee is discontinued so I was sooo happy I got him!!!! I need to hunt for a body though.

As usual, the items came nicely wrapped, all secure and tight by Iplehouse. I had to pay customs though 😦

Here’s what I got:

And here is the breakdown!

Grey t-shirt

Baggy black pants

Grey jumper

Grey/black hoodie

Beige coat (now selling on ebay)

The awesome wool prom coat yay! It was half price whoohoo~

Black pullover

I also got the EID male layered cardigan and the cargo pants. I have no EID doll but I got it anyway in case my plans for the future change. I don’t have a picture of the layered cardigan because it was too dark and my camera couldn’t pick it up >_>

I only got 2 items for SID woman – the shirt in two colours, wine red and blue. The other items for sale for SID woman didn’t appeal to me much.

I can’t wait to try these on a doll hehe 🙂


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