ET is here! I mean, Fairyland Feeple60 Box Opening!

Hey everyone, more doll related stuff today. I noticed I had an unsubscriber and sniffed slightly, since, y’know, it happened after I began posting more and more about BJD stuff. I can’t help it if my hobbies turn a tide to a new direction. Don’t worry folks, I still like drawing and writing…just don’t do it often as much as I used to 😦

Anyway, ET  Mirwen came home! I got her customs letter during the weekend and unfortunately only Tuesday was the nearest day available for delivery. To my dismay I then found out no-one was going to be at home. I went to work today panicking because I just couldn’t wait any longer.

I finished a 7pm shift and after calling my family to ask if anything came home, I was told I had missed 2 parcels but 1 was with the neighbours. I didn’t think it would be Mirwen since mostly all customs stuff I’ve had to sign for. I was like ‘NOOOOOOOOOO!’ at the thought of redelivery. I’ve been waiting since December for her.

when I came home my neighbour came over with a massive box for me and I was so happy 🙂

giphy (1)

1. So this is Mirwen’s box. Those idiots at Parcelforce tried to open and see what it was because the back had a massive hole in it. When they saw the foam and Korean newspaper I guess they gave up.

The box and floor are one!!! (sorry)


2. Her box was red and slightly smaller than Aria’s. I knew Mirwen was about 55cm so was aware that she’d be a lot smaller. Her box was also very light too. Her box had an engraved symbol but no matter how many pictures I took of it it wouldn’t show up on my crappy camera >_<

She came with the Fairyland calendar whooo~~~


3. She came with a Feeple booklet and certificate. She was also covered in a black velvety foam thing.


4. As nice as the velvet foam thing was, Mirwen was covered in some bits of black fluff. OMG I touched her hand and the resin was so smooth @_@


5. Mirwen has a nice body. It’s so feminine but cute at the same time. I don’t know what hands she gave me and what bust size she is. And she’s actually a lot lighter than the other dolls I have *coughREIJIHESABEASTWEIGHTOFASMALLBABYcough* I think I really like the Fairyland Fepple60 size. They’re so nice and easy to handle.


6. I had Mirwen sit and stand. She poses well and can stand by herself. Her head is pretty big, which is why the first thought that ran through my mind was “ET?” Sorry I am weird like that. Just kidding though, I love Mirwen and her sculpt. She’s a baldy right now  because I haven’t ordered any clothes or a wig for her yet *_*



The eyes they gave her are waaaay too big. I also didn’t order her with a faceup because I wanted to do it myself.

Btw, has anyone got any ideas on how to remove her head? The magnets are stuck fast or something. I can’t seem to take it off.

7. So remember the black velvet padding? She’s got a little black stain on her back and butt 😦 That makes me sad.



Fairyland Calendar pics:

IMG_0398 IMG_0399 IMG_0400 IMG_0401

Anyhoo, I can’t wait to dress her up and I’ll give her a faceup over the weekend so many thanks for looking 🙂


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