This is how I feel about BJDs…

This is how I feel about BJDs and the whole hobby right now:

giphy (12)

Mirwen’s on her way; she’s currently in customs which I have now paid off. I have also started a layaway for a Soom doll; I caved and ordered their newest Idealian range, York. Apparently he is the romantic-eyed version, with dreamboat K-pop boyband eyes or whatever lol. I really want Hyperon but when it was his ordering period I wimped out and was too scared to order from Soom, especially from some of the feedback I read about them online and on DOA. Then a part of me really didn’t think I wanted him. OMG how wrong I was.


I’ve never ordered an Idealian before so I wonder what they’re like; they are apparently 72cm high and bigger than Iplehouse EID men. Oh lordy. I bet clothing them will be even tougher. The pictures of R.York on the Soom site weren’t that great but I still ordered him anyway because it was those eyes that did it for me and that chin, nose and lips. Wham! Instant love. Soom was generous and gave buyers the option to get him in normal and tawny since originally he was just creamy white.

They also had this cowboy theme for him but he appeared very vampire-ish with those golden eyes of his and all.

romantic york

I believe York will come sometime in June or July. Me, being cheap as usual, didn’t order him with a faceup (maybe I should’ve??) I really have got to stop looking at these websites…


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