Star Crossed Myth: Scorpio Route Review + Walkthrough

Finally, Scorpio’s route is out! Of course I immediately clicked on the ‘Buy’ button and then played it for two hours straight. Just to let you know that this playthrough got me the FORBIDDEN ENDING. But even though it was called a ‘Forbidden’ ending and I thought it was going to be a bad ending, I was relatively surprised.

Anyway, I will try to be spoiler free until I get to my verdicts…

So here we have…Scorpio!




I have a name, you know
Wait and See


I don’t know anything


Follow him


I’ll try
Stop them


Try to protect yourself
Something like love


I want you to hold me
For Scorpio not to go angry at me


Worried about Scorpio
I don’t hate you


You’re right


Grab it


Don’t tell her
I don’t know


Protect Scorpio


I’m sorry
Will I see you again?



Scorpo’s route is kinda the same as Leon’s in which after you choose him, you are taken to the mansion of the gods and then you interact with your chosen god. So in chapter 1, after you pick Scorpio since his glaringly impoliteness has made such an everlasting impression on our MC, you decide to choose him to save you from falling to your doom.


Scorpio saves you and the gullible public at the planetarium MC works at thinks you and Scorpio are acting out this sappy love scene from the story of Altair and Vega. Scorpio, irritated and annoyed, whisks you away to the god’s mansion. Again, he subjects MC to more nasty remarks.


Oooookay, despite all that, Scorpio ends up saving you from walking through this magic door that leads to nothingess. He’s the first one to your rescue, actually. Hmmm! Looks like Scorpio is actually quite the softie after all hehe 🙂

It doesn’t stop there; I liked Scorpio’s route because you see a side of him that you didn’t expect and his behaviour improves. He’s just a giant tsundere, and you know that tsundere’s act all tough on the outside but deep inside they are really nice!!!!!! Ok, ok, so I had a bit of a bias towards Scorpio initially, but I was right! Even though MC thinks he hates her and calls her a stupid woman half the time, he still ends up saving her life on more than one occasion and he cares for her. It turns out Scorpio works in the Department of Punishments where MC sees Scorpio at work – punishing the greedy, selfish and the unjust, from ruthless politicians to crazy knife-wielding maniacs. Just like Leon’s route, MC will come to realise why Scorpio is the way he is – because he is tasked to punish and all these experiences have turned him cold and callous.

Scorpio uses up all his powers to save MC from that knife maniac and is unable to teleport home. To return, he begrudgingly asks for MC and when she asks him if he knows the way back or how he will be able to get back without teleporting….. he becomes like this:


Cos y’know, he doesn’t his way back XDD It was rather adorable seeing him blush.

Afterwards, he becomes ill from all his work and MC goes to see him. She feeds him apples and cuts them up into little rabbits. Even though he scoffs at her attempts, MC later discovers that he had been making Dui and Ichyths make rabbit-shaped apple slices LOL.

Anyway, I found Scorpio’s route a vast improvement from Leon’s since he was still pretty decent to her and in some rare moments during his route, he is very considerate.

This is one of the best parts of the route:





I got the forbidden ending on my first playthrough even though I chose the choices that I thought were right. Turns out the dial went back and back lolz, but at the end you are still with Scorpio. Zyglavis, another God, tells Scorpio he failed in his mission or whatever and that he wasn’t punished due to using a forbidden power or whatever blah blah blah. Okay so when that happened I felt a bit like “Urnnnh I couldn’t help the dude” and then MC is ordered to split ways with Scorpio. Scorpio does this too quick and MC is quite heartbroken. As she hears the gates where she will return to earth and forget everything, LE GASP! Scorpio arrives and grabs her and kisses the hell out of her and they confess their love. Whether or not she leaves is unclear and if Scorpio actually returned to Godhood. I think that was a rather good ending after all 🙂

giphy (11)

Main Character (MC): 4/5

MC regains some of her spunk in this route and actually HAS a brain. Unlike Leon’s route where she was a simpering weakling, she actually bites back and she doesn’t take Scorpio’s crabbiness and gives him some sass but she still had some of her self-righteous moments that kinda annoyed me. They were very cute together because their bickering was adorable. It’s a 4/5 from me anyway.

Scorpio: 4/5

So where did Voltage go right? Well, for once, Scorpio acted mean and said horrible things but then you understand why he acts that way and it does make sense and it doesn’t reflect him as this pompous arrogant jackass. Scorpio doesn’t get a 5/5 from me because of his backstory. Thanks a lot, Voltage, there goes your *genius* plotlines yet again. A child soldier. Really? They shouldn’t have incorporated that into the story. Scorpio’s backstory, tragic, yes, but just didn’t fit in well with the whole premise and neither was the villain. Aside from that, Scorpio was a vast improvement from Leon. Sure, he was mean as hell, but he didn’t actually reduce MC to tears nor did he try to rape her or anything. And when he blushes he is sooooo cute.



The CGs were good, but like my previous gripe, Voltage is so stingy with CGs. But duuuude Scorpio’s godform is hunkalicious.


My final thoughts:


I liked Scorpio. He’s really sweet and aDORKable lol. Really, I just thought he was a dork when he shows you his soft side. He was pretty much tsundere but in the right way. It’s still strange I got the Forbidden Ending even though I picked the choices that I thought were right. My final thoughts are 4/5 because in the end MC and Scorpio acknowledge their feelings but it still left much to be desired and for the duration of the story, there was subtle flirting but nothing major. Oh well…


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