Star Crossed Myth – Leon Route Review + Walkthrough. One Word: NO

Star-Crossed Myth


Yay! Another review of a new Voltage game, namely ‘Star-Crossed Myth’ which feels to me, a bit like a £2.99 rip-off of that otome game about the gods and stuff. I can’t remember what it was called but it had the artist from Hakuouki doing character designs. Asogami something. Sorry, I just really can’t remember.


Yeah, so I was a little skeptical about this game because of that but then I saw this hottie (Scorpio) and I was like “OMG ME WANTTTT”

Glove biting is sexah!!!!

Glove biting is sexah!!!!

Too bad his story is not out as of yet in English and his personality seems to stink but let’s see, hmm?


So the premise of the plot is that…uh…oh my god, my memory is really failing me but it’s something along the lines like.. these gods have been punished for committing a sin and have banished to earth, losing their power along the way; they must find a way to return to the heavens. They discover that this lies with you, ie, a Planetarium worker who apparently has ‘stars’ in her eyes and is apparently a reincarnated goddess with the power to restore their lost power or at least, being near you allows them to use their power. So naturally the gods need you to return to the heavens but for some reason you end up only picking one.

So the only route available so far is Leon.

You know, this guy here:


You’re probably thinking “Oh he’s quite cute.”




I don’t really have much to say about Leon other than he is a giant sadistic manwhore. I mean every word. Sorry for Leon lovers. But that’s how I really feel.

Anyway here were the choices I picked and I got the ‘Blessed Ending’ on the first playthrough.

Chapter 1:

I’m not going to serve you.
No way!

Chapter 2:

Maybe that’s why I like stars
You’re supposed to be a god!

 Chapter 3:

Look at Leon
You never know until you try

 Chapter 4:

That must be nice
I’ll look instead

 Chapter 5:

Try to get away
I’d better ask leon

 Chapter 6:

Because Hyori is my friend
What are you doing here

 Chapter 7:

Ask where he’s going
Grab onto Leon

 Chapter 8:

Hide behind Leon
You’re sweeter than I thought

Chapter 9:

Are you enjoying the festival?
Grab onto Leon

 Chapter 10:

Am I special to you?
You don’t mind if I ask?

Chapter 11:

Hold onto Leon’s hand

Chapter 12:

Leon, stay in the heavens
You’re still you


During the game, I picked the choices that I felt were relevant for the situation but for the first half of the game it actually made the dial turn in favour to ‘Forbidden Ending’ and I freaked for a second because those were choices I thought were logical to the kind of situation that was happening. I guess in order to get the best results were to pick lousy choices, for eg, when Leon in chapter 1 or something when he is totally harassing you and you are to choose: “Ohhh YESSS LEON FEEL ME UP MOREEE” than “GTFO me you perv” and if you did that, then the dial would probably go to ‘HAPPY ENDING’ immediately. Just to let you know I still got the ‘Blessed Ending’ regardless so I don’t really know which ending is better.


So why do I have a low opinion on Leon and his route? Well, in Chapter 1, in which you don’t have to pay any money and you can just have a read, he does all this “You’re-my-slave’ shit and says this:

You may look pretty Leon, but that's not the right way to go!

You may look pretty Leon, but that’s not the right way to go!

He brings you to the mansion of the gods that’s linked to your apartment (unfortunately) and when you and him are alone he then uses his magical snapping fingers powers to remove your clothes until MC is in tears. Way to make a first impression, Leon.

As if it can’t get any worse, he does this:

MC: Y -- no I don't think so

MC: Y — no I don’t think so

For the duration of the story, he keeps calling MC a goldfish too, because that’s how the god sees humans, like pet goldfish that need to be looked after. Gods are to equally love all humans (though I don’t think Leon does any luvin’ anytime soon since he keeps saying he dislikes humans and the stinky earth).

Later he does get somewhat possessive of MC too:



I haven’t mentioned the part when MC walks in Leon and Teorus naked and canoodling with other ladies. I don’t think I want to tell you what they were *really* doing but for a Voltage game its some pretty bold shit. Anyway that was one scene that made me really dislike Leon and made me want to kick myself for buying his route.

Since you choose Leon, you are to be his slave and he asks you to buy some human clothes for him and the gods. There was a funny part in the story, in which the first time he calls MC into his room and he’s lying on the bed and he goes “SATISFY MEH” and MC freaks out for the right reason. But then he turns to his curtains and tells MC to open them and to clean his room. “Phew!” she thinks and Leon’s like: “WTH are you thinking, woman. Weirdo.”

Even when he is bathing MC is there to feed him grapes or something like that. Just kidding, you just pour him a glass of wine or something and suddenly he does this:


He even lets the other gods mess around with you at some point.

Leon does improve, after MC forces him to help out with wishes and also her friend, Hyori, who is having trouble with her retarded boyfriend. MC basically wants to teach him love since he hates it so much and thinks its a lie and an illusion.

Nearer the end, when Leon does like MC, he becomes more caring and asks:





And he also says this:


Geez, thanks…

Well, at least Leon does get better… (by chapter 9 or something…)



I guess I probably took this story too seriously but it’s really not my favourite Voltage otome game. Nothing really happened to make Leon, the MC or this story stand out.

Main Character (MC): 3/5

I think Simon Cowell’s expression sums MC up pretty well:


She’s a bit dull and Mary-Sue. I didn’t like this MC compared to Love Letter from Thief X or even Enchanted in the Moonlight; the choices presented just showed me she was too submissive, too easily won over and a little annoying. She’s a bit of an unrealistic character since I considered she warmed up to Leon waaaay too fast and took his bullshit too far that she was going to sacrifice her life for him nearer the end, you know, after he treated her like a slave or something for half of the story. Riiiiiight.


Leon: 3/5



1 word: JERK.

Well, at the beginning he is, then at the end, I guess he improves, like a teensy bit. After 1 chapter and suddenly he’s declaring his undying love for MC. He’s such a typical Voltage guy who acts all horrible, pervy, arrogant and then suddenly boohoo he’s a misunderstood lonely git with no friends or whatever and with MC to show him the way he goes “omg I was such a turd Ima change my life now and love you”. Good for you, but I don’t care. I didn’t Leon at all when he first came out; the gameart for this is so misleading because you know, he looks all romantic and sweet and stuff and MC’s crying with tears in her eyes and then in the story, near the beginning, he treats MC like a slave and keeps calling her a ‘goldfish’ and that she’s fickle etc etc. I guess in the end he improves because he opens up and you find out why he did all that pervy jackass-y stuff but half the time whilst I understood, it still didn’t seem to warrant any sympathy from me. He’s totally sadistic and I don’t see why any girl would find this attractive in terms of personality. I guess Japan has a market for the ‘do-S’ types of people, huh?



The art quality for this game is really nice. But you only got 3-4 CGs. Voltage are really finicky about handing out CGs now. I hate how there was so little. That’s so unfair, Voltage!!!!

My final thoughts:

I want my £2.99 back.


This game, especially Leon’s story, was just too disappointing. It follows the same format over and over again. You fall for this guy who can’t be with you  – for eg, Kissed by Baddest Bidder Soryu – he’s a big mafia hotshot and in the end you find out there’s going to be something that stops you from being with him. Then there was 10 Days with my Devil: you only get 10 days to live and when your devil finally loves you its either you become toast or he gets killed or whatever.

Dear lord I am so sick of these plotlines. DO SOMETHING NEW FOR GODS SAKEEEE.


Oh well, I’m going to wait for these hot babes (lol) and their stories to be released:

Scorpio and Dui




Here’s me hoping these guys can bring the story up.


5 thoughts on “Star Crossed Myth – Leon Route Review + Walkthrough. One Word: NO

  1. RiceMonkey says:

    Omg I’m way too late but..this review is too funny AHAHA
    This made my of the funniest otome reviews I’ve read thanks to the funny gifs XD
    Thank you, I almost wanted to waste my money on Leon too cuz he seemed interesting in the trailer..ahh too bad :’)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just want to ask if I purchase the whole story of Leon.. But I don’t have any card or Bank deposit.. What will happen? I really want to read it.. Are they going to find me or send a message on my gmail acc. Or do something bad on me?

    • Fish and Chips says:

      You need to play this game on a device such as one with IOS – I use my iphone and ipad namely for these otome games. They will ask for you itunes account and thats how I pay for it ^^ If you want I could just write a full Leon review if you want so you know what happens?

  3. Breezy says:

    All though you are right😂 Leon was very rude and very irritating at some points especially when he referred to the MC as a goldfish but you have to admit his character started to become more and more better. It’s like Eiskue (sorry if I misspelled that its 2:22am lol) from KBTBB he wa rude and demanding the MC get there in “5 mintues” but towards the middle he started to love the MC and was very protective over her especially moving into season 2 when * spoiler * the explosion happened at the hotel you could genuinely see how deeply he cared for the MC. Leon is just the same way, when * spoiler again * when you meet the girl he defilled (i think thats what it was called) and she puts a curse on you and when Karno and Theo and Heu come and tell you how he is starting to become depressed because you begin to lose your memories he does all he can to get them back, he goes to your guys spot. He cared for the MC deeply and even though it was so annoying at points where i almost shut off my phone he risked his eyes for the MC and if you had played the game before giving up your eyes means you are not a god anymore and its death almost. In the courtroom he showed his true form to the MC and kissed her in front of everyone, he showed her whats behind that door that not even his right hand man had seen. He let her see his past even though he didn’t want to show her but if it made her happy her did it. This is just what i thought when I played, he was a jerk and rude but he started to see love for what it really is.

  4. me4573 says:

    Leon was very rude😂 But his story was much deeper, he was a very lonely person who didn’t know what love is. He was irritating at times calling the MC a ‘goldfish’ but he deeply cared about the MC. It’s like Eisuke from KBTBB he was rude to the MC and demanded she be at the penthouse in “5 mintues” but he started to become more nicer to her and started to love her. Especially in season 2 when * spoiler * the explosion happened at the hotel, he was there to protect her, but he had a job to do and had to tend to that but he cared for her on a mich deeper level. When * spoiler * the MC got put back up for bid he came running to her before she could get sold but didn’t make it and when you get to your new “owners house” he comes and visits secretly to check up on you. Its like Leon, he cared for the MC deeply it just took him a while to finally realize it. Even though he was a womanizer he didn’t care for those women only in like chapter 3 i believe. When * spoiler as well * when you meet the women and you get cursed he has everyone helping to find a way to remove the curse, he almost gave up his eyes if that ment the MC would remember him. And a god giving up his eyes is death almost. Leon comes out as a bad person but he cares alot about the MC. I haven’t had my share of the other guys but if you recommend any please tell me! (:

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