More Iplehouse Aria Picture Spam

Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist.

Here is the Iplehouse frilly blouse set on an SID female doll. The skirt’s a lot shorter than I had wanted though.


Here it is on Aria:


I changed her wig because the Iplehouse one slipped off her head too much, which is a shame; so this is a Nine9style and OMG she looks like a mini Tiffany from SNSD (but I really wanted a mini Taeyon lol). She actually reminds me of a Japanese gyaru, so I’m very pleased with how she looks ❤ She’s so adorableeeee.

giphy (7)

I had a dark-brown wig too which is the exact same, so same length and same straight fringe, but she kind of looked like the girl from The Ring so….er yeah I just changed it to this brown one instead haha. She can stand fine on her own 🙂 but because I made her sit at some point, she bends over easily >o<

The tweed skirt at the back looks like a corset so it’s tied together with string. The black stockings that come with the skirt were wayyyyy too tight so I left them alone. Although I really can’t justify how nice the doll and the clothes are in real life.

I hope you can see her face-up properly in this picture:


I put her beside Reiji again. I think they like being near each other :3


Oh and this her dark brown wig. (sorry for blurriness)

photo (33)

From now on I’ll call it ‘The Ring’ wig. You know, cos she looks like the girl from The Ring. LOL



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