Doll Plans for 2015

I have something to share with you all:

I did the unthinkable…

…I ordered an Iplehouse doll.

I ordered an SID Aria with A-type faceup, who should be coming on Tuesday, according to the courier, Parcelforce. I actually ordered her waaaay back in November last year and popped her onto a layaway plan. I raged for a while because after I ordered her, Iplehouse started their Christmas event. At that time, it didn’t quite dawn to me what I had just did and I just went around life as usual….but when the final paypal invoice came through from Iplehouse, I saw the email and I was so excited. And then I also had a little buyer’s remorse.

Aria cost me a lot TT_TT” And I also had to pay customs charges too…

There were several reasons I chose her, especially because she was a female doll and she never popped up in my previous doll posts or anything, but when I saw her pictures on the Iplehouse website, I thought her sculpt was just lovely, there was nothing I could see wrong, and I really wanted her as part of my doll collection.


Second….most doll owners buy dolls because they use them as their OCs. I guess that’s quite true, because OMG! She just screamed ‘Ruby‘ to me. Although I probably won’t call her ‘Ruby‘ or anything when she comes through the post. I really want a Claude too, but for the time being he is only available on Doll Choice and there is no layaway option and seeing all that cash vanish from my bank at once will probably tear me apart (and my family, because they hate dolls)…

But if I think about it…

I blogged about dolls the first time back in 2013 and I mentioned how expensive they were and how I would probably never be able to afford them. Since then I’ve managed to order my first BJD last year – Reiji – and then I managed to order Aria and 2 others!

FYI – I have also ordered a Fairyland Feeple60 Mirwen and a Dollclans Kien but nothing exciting is happening yet because my account pages keeps saying something like this:

nooooo when will u be ready


nooooo when will u be ready1


I guess I’m a very impatient person because I really want to tear my tear my hair out. When will they be ready???? *cries*

I got Mirwen when Fairyland opened their Moe range. I don’t know what Fairyland dolls are like so I’m quite worried and I’ve never ordered before from them in general. Same goes for Dollclans, but when I ordered, they has a Christmas sale which was $60 off so that really kicked a lot off Kien LOL. I didn’t order any of the dolls with a faceup, except from Aria.

Actually, I really wanted this guy:


This is Ringdoll Norman Light 2.0. Okay, okay, ignore the creepy brain-doll thing, but omg! I really want him…. TT_TT”

Just to let you guys know: I work full-time, 9-5pm. Monday to Friday. I’m not an avid blogger, I don’t have a trillion followers, I don’t do youtube vids. I sell some stuff on ebay but only stuff I don’t need anymore. I just have a basic minimal income, but I actually wanted to use my earnings to spend on something that I really want, too. Hopefully I won’t buy any other dolls after these guys, eh? Well, I’ll still try and save up for Claude, at least…

OHH Claude why must you elude me?


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