BJD Shopping in a Nutshell

Hi everyone!

I have another post for any BJD lovers out there 😉 Today I will share with you all my shopping experience when it comes to BJDs. I needed a new wardrobe for Sezz so I had to go looking online. Basically BJD shopping….well, it’s a bit like clothes shopping for… a friend or something, only you really need to get their size right, you need to do research, and you need to make sure you get it right or else a refund isn’t really all that plausible depending on which store you go to. Plus, shipping rates can be quite extortionate.

I usually go to Sunny’s World for stuff: I got a new army-green shirt for Sezz, some cargo pants (they were supposed to be blue but they look quite purply-grey. They were also quite tight around his waist which was a bit of a shame). I also got a pair of black boots that look like Doc Martens. They came with a studded belt but I removed it. I also got a new black vest for him which fit him waaaaay better than the white vest. I kept his dogtag and I kept him in his gas mask since he looks better with it on.

Again, no totally-awesome doll photography here. I just propped him up on my desk to stand haha. But yeah! I hope this is a major improvement than what I had him wear last time >_>


So here is basically a breakdown of what usually happens when I try to go BJD shopping (in my case anyway). I have only looked at a handful of BJD websites so far.

For example……..


Me: Why is everything medieval themed? Why do the good stuff I like always cost over $100? (I must have good taste hehe)

Me: My doll won’t be caught dead in those boring, plain clothes

Me: Claude *drools* One day you shall be MINEEEE!

Soom The Gem/Idealian:

Me: So many fairies *_*

Me: Hmmm so this is the infamous Dia doll everyone has…. *scrolls through pictures of naked picture of dolls, mum in corner giving dirty look*

Me: Why is everything sold out???!!!

Me: Sooo many pretty man dolls *they’re all sold out btw*

Tata’s Paradise:

Me: Oooh I like their scrolling button menu thingies. It makes a funny noise heehee.

Me: How can there be 29 pages of accessories to go through? Who has that time? I DON’T!!! I’M JUST LOOKING FOR A BELT I’M TEN PAGES IN AND STILL NO BELT TT_TT”

Sunny’s World:

Me: Hmm those pictures of the clothes…I think I’ve seen them before *checks on ebay* AHA! So that’s where they’re from! Oh but Sunny’s is cheaper. And they offer free postage! WE HAVE A WINNER!

Me: *clicks on Shoes 1/3. No items for sale* Then why the hell do they have that section?!

Me: I like those trousers. They might look on Sezz. Let’s see if there are any SD17…. (checks size listing – there is no more SD17, only MSD) *CRIES*


Me: WHY THE F-CK IS EVERYTHING SOLD OUT?! *sees Truffle Cut wig reloading on October Year XXXX Day XX Korean Local Time* Ok I can do that, I’ll just subscribe and wait *Day of reloading* WHAT THE – SOLD OUT?! IT’S ONLY BEEN TWO MINUTES WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS SOLD OUT! ??

So yes, that’s basically BJD shopping in a nutshell, from my experience anyway.


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