My First BJD! It’s a hybrid!

Hey y’all. I recently got into the BJD hobby and posted about my first BJD face-up, which was on a doll head called ‘Sezz’ from the Immortality of Soul company. The good news is after some EXTREMELY thorough research, I found a body for him so I will share with you all my experience. Unfortunately, my first BJD ended up being a hybrid which probably ended up being even more expensive as I ordered a Popodoll body from an ebayer known as jeeryama who was selling them and then plonked the IOS doll head on it; I looked everywhere online and finally discovered that the resin from Immortality of Soul closely matches the Popodoll and that there were other BJD owners who had hybrids like this too, so yay! That was my doll head + body problem sorted.

I ordered the body a few months back; I asked the seller if I could do a 3 month layaway and she agreed so I paid the first third in the first month. A few weeks later I got an email from jeeryama saying the body would actually be sent to me very soon as they had it in stock. I was surprised because it wasn’t three months yet. She asked if I wanted to stick to the 3 month layaway and then she would send it then, or if I wanted to pay in full. I chose to pay the rest in full and so I received my doll a few weeks later. I was happy 🙂

Unfortunately I was on holiday when it arrived so I opened it when I got back. I was relatively surprised to find this waiting for me:


It was really big. Bigger than I expected.

I knew I ordered a 68cm doll but holy cow the box was so huge that when I put it on the floor to stand, it came up to my elbows.

So I excitedly opened the box only to find another box inside that had the Popodoll logo.


They wrapped up my doll in lots of bubblewrap around the joints, chest, legs, feet and hands, then they put it into a plastic clear bag and then kept it safe inside a beautiful cushiony bag 🙂 See below…


I looked around the box but I didn’t receive a certificate of authenticity even though the listing said they would include one. I only got a bookmark with a doll on it. That was a bit of a bummer 😦

So then came the challenge of placing the IOS doll head onto the actual body. OMG! I had no idea how so I had to watch this video on youtube. I was like “Ohhhh, I see.” after wards, and I was shocked by how hard it actually could be. I had to ask my mum for help (and she hates my doll collecting hobby. She doesn’t like IOS Sezz….that makes me sad). So I got reluctant help from my mum, yelling at me all the while saying my doll was a waste of money and that I was being silly, but in the end we managed to pull the hook out enough using some string and then get the S-hook to sit properly. IOS Sezz head fit very well heehee. But my fingers were really dry that day and a cut on my finger started to bleed again from so much tugging and pulling on the string. Uwaaghh 😦

But when I looked at the doll properly, wowza! He looked good <3333 Sorry for the doll photography, I ain’t no professional haha!! (OH I forgot to blur out his man bits. Sorry)


Okay, okay, I know he’s naked but I blotted out his man-bits in this picture (below) and I took away the wrapping. The detail on his hands and body and feet are sooooooo awesome! He looks so real 🙂 I also thought I’d try how good he stands and show it to you. Despite some awkward posing, he can actually stand without any help O_O I was surprised by that, thinking that all dolls would just fall over and break and smash into pieces >_> I’m so happy he can stand! *sobs*



I had no fear of him being bald or naked, as I had also ordered some goodies for him beforehand so I blinged him up with a mohair wig, a white vest from a site called Sunny’s World (it’s kinda too big for him….), a jacket that I got from a site called Tata’s Paradise (SSDF size, I wasn’t sure what size would fit), and I also got him some black trousers and some shoes and even a pendant. I am so glad they look….well, they look okay on him. Maybe not the best fit but I’ll know next time. He’ll get a wardrobe change soon, haha (when I get paid from my job hurrhurr). I also got him a gas mask, again from Tata, and slapped that on. I was pretty happy with how that fit on his face despite being a bit loose and fiddly.

I had him sit on my drawer, stand, and sit on my bed to get some pictures. Again, I’m not a great photographer but it’s just to show you guys how he looks 🙂


Lol you can see my Sherlock calendar in the background :3

So there we have it! My first BJD, a hybrid in fact, and omg I love him already! He’s sitting beside me on the table as I write this hehe. He can’t really stand well with shoes on though… LOL look at dat pose…I am such an amateur haaah.


I’m still to think of a name but he reminds me a lot of the character Luther from my Hellsing fanfic because he’s got white hair (and Luther wear a gas mask), but Luther is meant to have longer hair and he has pink eyes, so I guess I’ll keep him non-Luther and completely unrelated. Ican’t think of a name for now so I’ll just leave nameless for the time being, which is a bit sad, but I’ll need to think of some kind of backstory for him since a lot of BJD owners have stories for their dolls.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading! If I get enough money I’ll get myself another doll so he is not lonely 😉



2 thoughts on “My First BJD! It’s a hybrid!

  1. Kai says:

    OMG he’s Lovely!!!

    and LOL my friend has the exact same mask for her SD doll shes still waiting for to be delivered xD (hes a peakswoods Tristan

    I recently got a new boy, i dont think ive posted about him yet, hes a yo-sd sized boy, his make is a peakswoods sir tin vamp ver and hes adorable! xD ill prob post about him later haha. come to think of it ive got another doll coming in the post soon too! haha.

    Kyouya is my only SD (well technically i have two floating heads but theyre gonna be without bodys for a while xD) i do like to give kyou-tan cuddles~ haha

    As for the Pygmalion Society, as long as you let them know your actually into the hobby there usually fine with accepting you in :3

    oh and i know the feels when it comes to parents not being accepting of the dolls, it generally comes with the territory of owning the dolls. I’ve found most parents generally like to stay clear of the hobby and are generally disapproving of it, i just generally tell my mum that it could be a worse hobby i could have taken up partying and drinking and wasted all my money on that which could potentially be messing up my body LOL (don’t get me wrong i like a drink occasionally but i really don’t do the partying/get as drunk as possible thing lol)

    back to your boy, seriously i love white haired characters~ hes so lovely~ and his outfits so cool! and his eyes! gah golden eyes!! ❤ as for his name, just call him Sezz xD its so much easier that way LOL well at least untill you find something you like anyhu xD

    p.s. back storys are fun as heck xD i made a spreadsheet of all my dolls and (dolls on my wish list) with all there chara names, personas and backgrounds. seriously once you start its so difficult to stop and then you keep adding more dolls to join into those charas backgrounds and before you know it you have a wish list of 30 dolls XD

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Hi 🙂

      Yeahhh that’s the same mask. It;s SD size only :3 I think he looks better with it on than off hehe ^_^””

      Omg!!! Tristan is beautiful!!!!! Wow $590 *_* BUT WORTH EVERY PENNY AM I RIGHT?! lol…. I’ve heard about Peakswood but not sure what they’re like 🙂 Have you heard of Angelesque? They’re a UK dealer but I haven’t ordered anything from them before.

      yay for new dolls! Please show me what your new yo-sd boy look like when he arrives? 😉 Hm i should get a new doll too. Sezz looks lonely. I have him sit on my drawer and he just stares into space….I’ll probably look for another doll soon so he’s not bored hahaha. I tried giving Sezz cuddles, but my god he’s really heavy and then his butt goes a bit stiff and his legs go horizontal and I kind of have to straighten them out again but he’s not kicky, either heehee. They look so light in pictures but these boys weigh some bit!

      I sent a facebook message to the pygmalion leader but he never got back to me!!! I even sent him the link to my blog. HMPH! Am I not good enough??? Just kidding, I’ll send him another message soon, or maybe he’s just too busy hehe.

      Yeah I should tell my mum that too! Like I don’t smoke/party/drink (…I don’t drink that much hehe) but then she’ll tell me to dress nicer or do something about my skin/face, like wear makeup or do something about my complexion =________=””” Sheesh!

      At this rate Sezz will never be accepted into the family ;_; in that case I’ll need to give him a doll family…. once I get money. I’ve seen owners with about 20+ dolls and do not understand how the collection can go sooooo big, but wow there really are loadsa dolls out there???! In fact, I have my eyes on an Asleep Eidolon but I really really REALLY want to spend my money wisely and get a doll I have been wanting for agessssss (Iplehouse Claude. Too bad he costs £500. In that case I might as well get a Louis Vuitton bag for myself….)

      Lol awww thank you. You’re so sweet 😉 i’m glad you like Sezz heehee. I really need to think of a new name for him though. I still haven’t decided. and his backstory is still a mystery too. I’ll probably wait until I get another doll and see how that goes??

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