More Bad Romances – Part 3

Hey guys, just when book titles couldn’t get any worse……we have these. Here is part 3 featuring some of the very worst romantic book titles to grace the history of romance. Please find below more cringetastic  titles and covers all for your benefit. Enjoy! tumblr_mpgryuQUW01r4sqyeo1_400 More Slenderman romance. it’s the rage these days. facepalms in space As per the comment on tumblr: facepalms in space! Although now that I look more closely….The book is called ‘Not Quite Pizza’. I don’t get it. tumblr_n8ns401Wsu1r4sqyeo1_400   Perhaps I should have warned that there’d be nudity in this post? tumblr_n17imtHVmt1r4sqyeo1_500 I guess ‘Ninja Love’ was too boring for a title so we have this. tumblr_n39hr6CKUT1r4sqyeo1_400 Ohhhh how romantic this looks….lol Yep he’s one lucky lord alright. tumblr_mpode7SI431r4sqyeo1_400 Heheh, and you thought it couldn’t get any worse, right? tumblr_n6awwdKwRh1r4sqyeo1_400 Nope, it can. tumblr_n6dejcKx1A1r4sqyeo1_400 Why does this title scare me so much? He has a look on this face that says ‘I’m going to kill you in your sleep’. tumblr_mvbjijpvyL1r4sqyeo1_400 I actually feel sorry for the poor guy. Oh, and I saved the best for last by the way…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE! DUUUDDUUUU DUUUUM! WE HAVE.. tumblr_n76zorgRJu1r4sqyeo1_400


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