The Man of Many Faces (aka An Expression Tutorial)

Hey everyone, I’m starting to post more frequently! šŸ™‚ to be fair it’s because its the weekend and I have dedicated my time in using my tablet more often. It’s been sitting in a box somewhere unused and unloved. Welp, today I bring to you all, an expression tutorial! …..Although it’s more like a post about expressions since I haven’t really done anything in great detail compared to my other posts.

Nevertheless, let’s start! šŸ™‚

(PS Sorry about the hair. PleaseĀ ignore itĀ lol)

1. We’re using this guy today as our model. He’s nameless for now. I love drawing faces, and for some reason I keep drawing guys =__=” Anyhoo, this is his normal face. It’s kind of in-between, neutral, if you get what I mean. To achieve this, make the line of the mouth as straight as possible so he’s not frowning OR smiling. Even though he is a dude, I drew some bottom lashes on him…. of course I didn’t go overboard or elseĀ he’ll look weird.

normal face

2. Now here he is smiling. This is a normal smile. It’s like he’s saying “I’mĀ content.” You have to make the lips into a slight curveĀ to get this effect.

smiling face (2)

3. Here is an angry face…or more like “I’m so pissed off!” face. Notice I didn’t draw eyelashes, but I also drew his eyes a lot darker and emphasised more on his eyebrows, which are very deep. ANGRY EYEBROWS!! If you make an angry face in the mirror you’ll notice your eyebrows will sink downwards into a ‘V’. His eyes have also narrowed. The case is no different when it comes to drawing angry expressions. Also, because someone is angry/frowning/glaring, they seem to incur more wrinkles around the face too. Plus, try to make them look more scary.

angry face1

4. It’s not good to be angry all the time so here is an extremely happy expression our guy here is demonstrating. He is so happy his eyes closed into an upside down U and his mouth opens. The expression is basically this: n__n


5. I tried to draw a bored expression too so this happened – note that his eyes are blank and generally he looks stoned and as if his mind’s gone somewhere else. Bored!

bored face

6. Finally, because I appeared to have run out of expressions (and I also went a bit crazy with the airbrush and drew hearts and sparkles around him), I drew an embarrassed expression. I deliberately drew that our male model looks away to the side and one of his eyebrows rise up questioningly (lol). When charactersĀ are embarrassed in manga, artists tend to draw little lines over their cheeks to show that they are also blushing (see below).

Thanks for being our model!

embarrassed face

Oh, and here is a WIP I was working on the other day, I was messing around with the eyes (again ignore the hair/colouring, I am not good)




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