First BJD faceup – IOS Sezz

Hey everyone, I finally got off my lazy a$$ and did something productive today! I did my faceup for my Sezz head that I ordered from Immortality of Soul. I actually ordered this doll head back in March-April and it came nearer the beginning of June. Since then I researched extensively on materials used by BJD owners. I really wanted a faceup commission from a good artist but I thought to myself I’d give this a shot to see how I fared and this is what happened:

So here is Sezz when he came through the post. He was just a blank doll head; he came in a nice IOS box and was well-packaged.


And this is my attempt at a faceup….. sorry, don’t expect any fantastic BJD photography here. I just snapped quick shots with my sister’s HD camera. See below….


I think I spent around 5 hours working on him. Basically, I quickly washed the head with soapy water, then let it air-dry. I used cotton gloves to handle the doll head during the entire process. I also bought a set of soft pastels (was told no oil pastels as it would damage the resin) and I used a small paintbrush to create the fleshy skintones around the eyes, the corners of the nose, the cheeks and I also dabbed at his chin a bit. Then I sealed the first layer with Mr Super Clear (boy it’s smelly, I had to hold my breath). I was surprised by how quickly Mr Super Clear sets in because it had dried completely and I could start working on the next layer after that immediately.


I worked on the eyes again, using darker colours to shade the inner eyes. I also lined the insides of the eyes with Liquitex black paint and also used a black watercolour pencil. I tried to draw eyelashes with both the black pencil and a brown pencil but the pencil tip was too blunt and my hand couldn’t stop shaking. I tried sharpening the pencil many times but it still came out wonky and weird.

OMG I can’t do the eyelid and bottom eyelashes. Does anyone have any tips???????????????? 😦

After that, I sealed my progress again with Mr Super Clear. By this time I must’ve sealed the head with Mr Super Clear about 3 times. Finally, I redid the lips, adding more colour and then I also started on the eyebrows. I used a soft brown pastel colour first then went over again with a darker brown, adding more weight and body. Once that was done, I sealed the progress again for the fifth or sixth final time.

Next I used Tamiya varnish for his lips and eyelids since I’ve seen some BJD owners use varnish that way. I didn’t have any Zoukemiura (sorry if I spelled that wrong) shine powder or flow medium because I couldn’t find it anywhere in the shops or online.

And this was the final result:


Yay I saved myself £60 🙂

I also stuck a wig on him to see what he would look like with hair and not as a baldy but all the wigs I have seem to look puffy and weird on him. Is this normal? How do BJD owners get their wigs to sit so nicely with their dolls? Anyone have any tips??? 😦


I probably should’ve added more colour to his cheeks and lips but then I was worried I’d go overboard. I should also try different colour of eyes since I don’t think dark colours really suit him. Rubbing out mistakes was a bit difficult, I had to use a lot of q-tips to correct the errors. I should probably get myself a gummy eraser soon.

Yes, so I had the biggest problem with eyelashes 😦 Hopefully I will get better soon in the future. Thanks for reading! 🙂



6 thoughts on “First BJD faceup – IOS Sezz

  1. Kai says:

    Wow! your first attempt is soooo much better than my first attempt at a face up! (this was my first attempt – i felt sooo bad after doing it im so glad i got better xD) everything gets easier as you go along, you figure out ways to do things better and make life easier in general haha. Oh you live in the UK right? i know how hard Mr super clear is to get, and how expensive it is in general for the size that it is. The sealant i usually use is Games Workshops Purity Seal – (×620/99209999027_PuritySealNEW01.jpg) Its £10 and its a MASSIVE bottle that will last you months to a year depending on how many dolls you face up and how often you face them up 🙂 its just much more convenient to get too, cause even if you cant get to one of there stores, they ship from online and its gonna be UK post so it should be there much quicker than from abroad 🙂

    Mr Super clear is great though, i used to use it before i found out about purity seal, i still have Mr super clear gloss actually, though im running out of it xD

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Awww thanks :3 Yours looks great, too! Its a great faceup! 🙂 I’ve been trying to get the eyebrows and the eyelashes right but really can’t it done properly. sigh. I like the gothic and emo look some BJDs have but I really can’t do it 😦 How do they do it????

      Yeah I live in UK. I saw your reply to my comment and I had a look at the pygmalion society on FB. I live in Scotland so getting to London will take me some time hehe. yep, Mr Super Clear was really pricey, and mine was a tiny size too. I paid a tenner for it as well. I’ll look at the workshop one, it looks sooooooo worth the money and value 🙂

  2. Kai says:

    XD it was sooo bad seriously, when you compare it to my more recent ones I just wonder what was I thinking xD but at least it helps you improve i suppose.

    And LOL, I know what you mean, i’ve gotten closer to it by following tutorials and looking closely at other peoples face-ups i think the closest it get to it are my dolls Jun, Seung and Kyouya ( there pics are in this post lol)

    Haha, well you know if your ever down in london for the times we meet you should come and join us~ not all of our members live in london a bunch of them live down by the south coast, and a few up north :3 you should join anyways, you never know you could find someone who lives up in scotland too :3

    yeah seriously the Purity Seal from games workshop is a life saver! ive been told there gloss and paints are really good too, which is no surprise really cause the warhammer hobby is big on being very detailed in there painting of the figures :3

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Hi 🙂

      Sorry for the late reply 😦 I’ve been pretty busy and finally, my Popodoll body came through the post yay! I just blogged about yesterday but still pretty excited that the IOS Sezz head now has a body hehe.

      Thanks for sharing the link to your dolls. Wow they all look so awesome!!!! I like Kyouya (and I like the name Kyouya too hehe). omg so I just sent a message to the Founder of Pygmalion asking if I could join…

      Fingers crossed he lets me. I even added in the link to my blog for evidence haha.

      I’m going to look for another doll so IOS Sezz isn’t lonely. Yeesh I really need think of a name for him so he’s not just ‘IOS Sezz’ all the time LOL.

  3. pika123 says:

    Hi i want ask>_< please help me..
    how many layer we must spray with mr.clear before and after painting ?
    are we must waiting for each layer if we want spray more than 1x mr.clear?
    Thank you

    • Fish and Chips says:

      hi! yes of course no problems at all ^^ you need to spray a layer of MR clear BEFORE you start painting, then once you paint like 1 layer and then you spray again. so after you do layers, you spray. say for eg, you did the base shade for lips, eyes, nose and cheeks. Spray the doll with Mr clear. Then after you add more colour to what you just did, more layers, spray again until you are done. hope that helps ^^

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