Enchanted in the Moonlight: Miyabi Sequel Walkthrough


Well, I’ll just cut to the chase – read below for the walkthrough to the sequel to get the Happy End.

I finished playing Miyabi’s route several times now, to see what other options yielded before moving onto the Epilogue and Sequel. If you are interested in the Main Route walkthrough, I have posted it somewhere on this blog. As usual, I played first time round with no guide because I didn’t see the need and got the Happy End in my first try. There is also the Good end but I suppose all you need to do is pick the most heartless/cruel choices that are available.

Chapter 1:

What other reasons could I have

Mind if I join you?

Chapter 2:

Take Miyabi’s hand

It’s yours

Chapter 3:

What should I do?

They’re right

Chapter 4:

I could never love anyone else

I missed you

Chapter 5:

Go ahead

Because of me?

Chapter 6:

I will help him

As long as we can be together

Chapter 7:

Hug him back


So there you have it! The walkthrough 🙂

And here is a CG (you don’t get a lot, as usual………about 3, I think)


I really like the sequel. I won’t ruin it for you other than it was very hot hot hot (but of course you expected that from the first time you played Miyabi’s route). It was interesting and you even see an attractive Hikobei which was all LOLZ.





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