Enchanted in the Moonlight: Miyabi’s Route + Walkthrough

Enchanted in the Moonlight:



Hey everyone 🙂 I have never written a review for an otome game before but here I felt compelled to write one for the newest Voltage game which is out on android and IOS. Voltage is famous for various English language otome games for phones such as ‘Love Letter from Thief X’, ‘Sleepless: Seduced in the City’ and ‘Ten Days with my Devil’ etc. You may have heard of those titles before and I’ve played them but again, I have never felt like I wanted to write anything until I recently played Enchanted in the Moonlight.

Hm, okay, so if I remember correctly, the story premise is this: you live in a shrine and work as a librarian where one night you have this freaky dream where these 2 mysterious men appear to you in your home and tell you that you have ‘awakened’. The following day various accidents occur that are narrow hit and misses with you such as bookshelves almost falling on top of you or cars swerving dangerously out of control in the road about to hit you and you are saved each time by 5 really hot guys! When you get home you are confronted and it is let slip that you have special blood that all ayakashi (demons) are after and the 5 guys are really demons in disguise! However, the good news is that these particular 5 demons are good and don’t want to hurt you or let your special blood to fall in the wrong hands, ie, in the evil ayakashi. The bad news is that evil ayakashi will go after you from now on and you have to choose one of the 5 goodies to protect you.

So here you are your choices…

Miyabi. A kitsune (fox demon). He loves inari sushi and wants to see you naked most of the time (you’ll see what I mean……….). So far only his route is available.



But you also have Chikage, a tengu (crow demon).


Shinra (an oni).


Yukinojo (a yukibito)


Kyoga (a werewolf…….hm that one’s a bit of a strange demon to be in a story like this)



Since only Miyabi’s route is out right now, I chose him and OMG. I was blown away. I have played Voltage games and Love Letter from Thief X is my favourite, the romance and humour is just about right….but with Miyabi, it seems Voltage is going up one step and this game should really be Rated 18 years old + since….well….the only thing I can say regarding Miyabi is that after he lays eyes on you he declares that you and he will marry and after that it one horny thing after another; he pursues you relentlessly. I mean, in the first 5 minutes of meeting you and he’s already like this:


Miyabi’s a pretty confident guy; confident in his fighting capabilities and his abilities to woo you. He also pretty much thinks ‘No’ means ‘Yes’ and he is also determined to make MC (ie, you) fall for him and since you chose him to protect from evil ayakashi that are out there for your special blood to grow stronger and take over the world or something like that, Miyabi wants you to be his bride whether you like it or not. He isn’t short of complimenting you however, but err…it comes out in a wrong dirty way and he constantly spews out stuff like this:


And this:


and this:


No worries, everyone….MC is not a dumb character who actually puts up with his advances and perviness. Check this out:


Yeah, MC thinks so too. It’s not just us haha!

Miyabi’s route is pretty steamy. You already get the feeling he’s got the hots for MC (he pretty much does) and maybe that’s why I find this game/Miyabi’s route really….well, I guess it is kinda romantic? But at least in every chapter he tries to feel up MC -sigh-. He dons a human disguise and follows MC into her work since there are so many attempts at her life. At home, he seduces her effortlessly and there is one time when he even joins MC uninvited in the bath which then results in hilarious circumstances like this:

(PS. Voltage has steam physics!! whoohoo!)


There’s more. Sooo…Miyabi attempts to feel up and molest the living daylights out of the MC with every opportunity he gets. He slips into her bath, he goes into her room without announcing, he goes into her room at night, he calls MC his future wife, and he even goes to extreme lengths to stop MC from being out of his sight….including pretending to be her boss who asked her out on a date.

Okay, so despite all that he is actually a decent character with his own backstory. It’s a bit typical though. When he invites MC to Mononoke village to meet his grandpa MC learns that Miyabi is half human and half kitsune born to a human mother and kitsune father and because of that he is often frowned upon. To prove others wrong, Miyabi worked hard to gain respect and become Head of the clan. MC also learns that he’s quite the womanizer (which isn’t really surprising, I suppose) and when some mean ayakashi try to bitchtalk Miyabi, MC steps in to stop them and you get a rare genuine moment from Miyabi where you see that he genuinely likes and appreciates MC.


Also, check this out…Miyabi does have his tender moments.


So, as the story progresses, Miyabi’s horniness doesn’t really die down….but he gets more caring and affectionate. He carries MC when she hurts her leg, he looks after her when she is ill, he makes Inari sushi with MC lol…. As the rest of the route play out, you end up becoming captured by the bad guy but I shall speak no more of that because here is my walkthrough and the choices which got me the Happy Ending in first playthrough.


Episode 1


c. I’m too weak to do anything

a. Ten days? Not happening


Episode 2:


b. He’s just my boss

b. Jealous?


Episode 3:


b. Call for Miyabi

c. Dirty fox!


Episode 4


b. You look like a fox

c. Do you want me to smile


Episode 5


c. Please?

c. This is embarrassing. Don’t look at me.


Episode 6


b. Really? You will?

c. Did something happen?


Episode 7


a. We’ll have separate bedrooms, right?

c. Will you be able to stand it?


Episode 8


a. We’re living together

c. Are you lonely?


Episode 9


c. I want you to stay close

b. I’m sorry for worrying you guys


Episode 10


b. Hug him with all you’ve got

a. I can’t stop shaking


Episode 11


b. What am I to you?

a. I trust you


Episode 12


a. Don’t come near me

a. Is your wound better


Last episode


Happy ending


And here are my final thoughts!

MC (Main Character):


You play as a librarian who lives in a shrine. There isn’t much information from Voltage as to why you have special blood in the first place unless I have missed something or they will explain more in other character’s routes. However, I did like the MC in this game. She has spunk, not as much as the MC in Love Letter from Thief X but it’s almost right. Some of the choices you are given, however, I didn’t really like or understand as much. I do like how she handles Miyabi, Hikobei the Kappa and the evil bad guy in the end. She is brave and definitely a gal that kicks a$$ lol.



You only get 4 in total!!!! REALLY! Voltage, how could you??????!!! I was expecting 6 or even 8 (maybe that’s pushing it….). You can go through up to 7 chapters and you’ve only unlocked 2 CGs. You also unlock the last one if you get the Happy Ending.

Miyabi’s character:


Initially, you get the impression that Miyabi is just an arrogant, horny, pervy, sadistic kitsune who can’t stop proclaiming how much he wants MC etc etc, which is true, because he is and he does do all that stuff….but I never got the feeling that he was doing that because he was a mean/ruthless/evil character. He never belittles MC or call her names. He will say MC belongs to him, her body, her blood etc (lol), but I didn’t get the feeling that he said all those things because he was a sick, disgusting creep or anything. Just because he says those things, he isn’t horrible to MC and he doesn’t abuse her in any way (well….he feels her up, if that counts? but as the story progresses, MC likes it too?). He can be controlling too, buuuut Miyabi genuinely cares for MC and when she is in danger, he rushes in to save her and protect her all the time, without fail.

Miyabi in action

Miyabi in action



One word. HOT!

The first chapter was odd to read because MC suddenly has a dream and she finds out she has special blood that screams EAT ME NOW! to all ayakashi in the world. I think Voltage could’ve dwelled and expanded on that a bit more and translated it better, but I was also really impressed with Miyabi’s route overall; I can’t find anything I can really nitpick at. I usually play through a Voltage game for about 2+ hours depending on the story. The guys were good and some of their interactions were hilarious to read. I do wish there was more about the Kappa Hikobei (Miyabi’s servant), however. He was hilarious and his interactions with MC were equally hilarious. The story also progresses in a really consistent way because as I mentioned before, you just get the impression that Miyabi is just a pervert who lusts after MC, but after a while, after being attacked by ayakashi and learning more about the kitsune, MC finds out he is really a sensitive, caring guy who puts out quite the front.


Another one of Miyabi’s tender moments. But then this happens after MC confesses too –



….sigh. okay.

Aside from that, I played this with no walkthrough. I just chose whichever option felt right and I still got a happy ending 🙂

The Villain:


Voltage’s art style is not very consistent in this game. Whilst the goodies look good, the baddie in the game is….well, looks like he was drawn by a different artist which kinda makes it weird. Also, I don’t want to ruin it for you but I thought the last few chapters were highly entertaining to read and the predicament were resolved in an….okay-ish manner. I hope this doesn’t ruin it for you but somehow in the story, it is okay to be making out during a battle and in front of everyone nonetheless. This might also sound weird, but I think Voltage should be more ruthless to their villains, in terms of what happens to them and their consequences. Villains don’t really give me the feeling that they are villains in any Voltage game, and Enchanted in the Moonlight is no exception. They’re too kind. Basically the baddie gets his butt kicked by the goodies but then he’s let go and to atone for his crimes. Really, Voltage? I was hoping to see him get his just desserts.




Good Ending

Miyabi saves MC from the evil bad guy and everyone celebrate at home. Whilst everyone else is busy getting drunk, Miyabi and MC head off to the cherry blossom trees where Chikage took her last time. Miyabi finds out, gets jealous and they kiss under the cherry blossom trees.

Happy Ending

…..Hehe since I got the Happy Ending in my first playthrough, I really wasn’t expecting this. It is very adult situation-oriented. After Miyabi and the other ayakashi defeat the evil bad guy, they take him to Mononoke village where he will atone for his crime, leaving MC and Miyabi alone in the house. Miyabi confesses to MC before getting down to some serious sexy time with her. So no more one-sided groping/fondling but the real deal O_O

Final score:


Because I thought this story was really different than other Voltage games I have played and Miyabi’s route was so entertaining 😉



4 thoughts on “Enchanted in the Moonlight: Miyabi’s Route + Walkthrough

  1. Alexandra says:

    Hello! I have a question, maybe it will sound silly but you really paid for the pack or you did something else?I am asking this because I want to choose the same character but I dont really want to pay for such a thing.

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Hiya ^^

      Thanks for the message! No worries at all, I paid for miyabis stories separately but I think he is now available as a full pack so “main story” + “epilogue” + “sequel” + “sequel epilogue”. If you get the whole pack it’s a lot cheaper than buying the stories individually. If you want I could do a full review on all these because I have bought them all ^^

  2. Kobayashi Shiro says:

    Hello! I really like reading your reviews on different Otome games. Um… Have you tried the yukibito route yet? I’m curious about his route and am currently hesitating whether should I buy Miyabi’s or his. :/

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