World of BJD – Part 2!

Hello everyone, time for a quick but new post! Okay, get ready everyone for hot DOLLS. Yes, that’s right, they’re not even real people. They’re dolls, BJD, in fact. Insanely beautiful guys/gals made out of resin. Here comes Part 2!!! I haven’t posted for ages! I’m sorry, I really don’t have time for blogging anymore. I’d like to blog for a living, but unfortunately nothing remotely interesting really happens in my life and I have a 9-5 office job which really drains a lot out of me >0< Anyway, this is another post about dolls. I’ve been looking at Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs) again because I decided that I really really really want one and I wrote a post a long time ago about the BJDs that I want so today, I’ve compiled another list of BJDs that I really like the look. Please enjoy ~ 🙂

1. Iplehouse Claude


Haha, as Kevin Bacon will say in those EE adverts he does for the UK phone network, this one is really a no-brainer. I like Iplehouse. I like the BJD company Iplehouse a LOT, which is why it is 1st on my list. I wrote about Iplehouse Felix in my other post but this time I have put down Claude, who has been featured as a limited edition doll in Claude The Addiction where he gets all these fancy gear including a sword and armour set. Claude, in general, is a very nice face sculpt. Ohh so hooooot!!! And he definetely suits being a blonde 🙂


This is a photo from a Claude owner. You can check out more pictures of her wonderful Claude on her deviantart. The face up is very nice.

2. Soom Ender/Hyperon/Mercenary


No, seriously, look:


So the first picture is Soom Mercenary. He is sculpted so he has a scar on his right eye. The second picture is Soom Ender. The last picture, I do believe, is Soom Hyperon. Phwoooar 😀 I was so engrossed with Iplehouse I never researched on Soom, but after looking at some deviantart pics and seeing how some BJD owners have a doll called ‘Dia’ from Soom, I ended up looking around in their other BJD line, ie, the Idealian dolls which are about 70cm high. Apparently they’re even bigger than Iplehouse EID dolls. Ooooh I want one of these so much. Look at their pretty faces *_* Too bad they’re all sold out in the website though.

Oh, Soom, you have out done yourself!


3. Immortality of Soul

I didn’t like IOS sculpts at first. They were creepy to me (especially Cho) but after seeing this picture I have fallen in love with some of their sculpts. They even have a contract to make a Levi from Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin doll. They started an order period a few months ago and I ordered an IOS doll head by the name of ‘Sezz’. I can’t wait until he comes through the post. Even then I’ll have a floating head lying around because I didn’t order the body (it was all sold out….le sigh). They’ve recently changed their ‘Normal Skin’ range so it is more of a pinkish, fleshy tone. I’ve had a hard time trying to find a doll body for my Sezz head.


Above: This is the Asyd sculpt – I fell in love with him immediately after I saw his picture on the website; he looks like Wolf. He even gives me the Wolf vibe *A*

4. Fairyland Chloe

….For some reason I just don’t like the idea of owning a female doll. I have no idea why. Even when I look at other companies, I don’t bother with their female doll range and look at all the male dolls and gawp at their pretty faces. BUT! I make an exception for Fairyland Chloe….


Aww, just look at that face *3*

5. La Legende de Temps

Hmm, okay so I don’t know much about this BJD company but I do know they make very pretty head sculpts, namely one called Roderick. Check this out:


So there you have it! Part 2 of BJD. Owning a BJD seriously is an expensive hobby. You need to buy clothes, wigs, faceups, eyeballs etc…but to be fair, it is a hobby that requires dedication and the utmost care for your dolls. When I get a doll, I will make sure to treat them nicely 🙂


3 thoughts on “World of BJD – Part 2!

  1. Kai says:

    Hiya~ Im a BJD own whose been reading your blog recently and i saw this new post and it made me really happy~! i have a few pics of my boys on my blog if you wanna check them out haha, anyways i’m just giving you a friendly heads up if your considering buying a BJD.

    beware when buying from Soom, and Beautiful as there dolls are, my friend bought a doll of theres a few months back, the head came faulty, when she sent it back they took ages to actually fix it and when she asked what was taking them so long they refused to actually give her a proper reason, or tell her when it was going to be sent out, along with the fact that took an extremely long time to actually get back to her enquiry, she had such a bad time with them that she ended up selling her doll because it annoyed her every time she looked at it. There customer Service is extremely bad, Fairyland also have quite a bad rep too. i think its just because there such big companys now and they release new dolls all the time that they cannot keep up with things, so i really don;t hold any trust in either of them.

    Another tip, BJD’s whilst thye cost alot, they dont cost as much as everything you end up buying for them haha.if you can sew, it comes in really handy. but for shopping tips, try Taobao, for clothes, wigs and eyes, you have to use an agent to actually buy anything trhough the site but it save you a fortune and they have so many clothes to pic from.

    Another issue i find with BJD’s is that if you like me and my friend, who only collect boy dolls, its extremely difficult to find any boy clothes, as i mentioned before Taobao is a great source for boys clothes,so i would sugest looking there first if you were looking to get a boy doll. Etsy is also a good place for BJD things too.
    Heres a whole list of shops for Taobao if you would like to get some ideas and such, The list also has links to all the BJD shops too.

    I hoped this helped and i hope you have fun in the hobby~ 😀 please feel free to let me know if you need any help with anything :3


    • Fish and Chips says:

      hii 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment! I’ve been into BJDs since…2012, I think. I wrote World of BJD part 1 and that featured Ringdoll, Loongsoul etc. I really wanted a Ringdoll Sol at first but when I looked at owner’s pictures, he looked always the same even if you change his wig/eyes/clothes….so I thought I should give him a miss and go invest in a doll where you could get so many looks from… but I keep finding out more and more companies so the range I’ve been looking at keeps getting bigger and bigger. I’ve looked at Luts, Crobidoll, Dollmore, Dollzone, Doll Chataeu, Resinsoul, Bobobie, Migidoll, Switch…. but I seem to stray towards dolls that cost a fortune for some reason >_>

      I really want an Iplehouse Claude, but he doesn’t come with layaway only through what they call Dollchoice and you must pay $800 in advance. It’s $70 for his faceup which I think is….a bit too much. I’ve thought about doing my own faceup, but I’m a bit worried I’ll muck it up :S

      I haven’t bought any dolls from Soom since they’re always sold out, especially the Idealian range since I do want my hands on a Hyperon. I got a few wigs from them once (which are still in storage somewhere, unused) and it took about two months to arrive. I can’t believe their customer service is so poor though. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your friend, it must have been a horrible experience >o<

      I've only ordered from tata's paradise, iplehouse, Freedom teller (I am stocking up on Iplehouse goodies when I get Claude haha), and I've had brilliant experiences with them. I've got a Sezz coming through from IOS and I put him on layaway for 2 months. It was actually quite easy but their website is annoying because of the Q & A board, I kept having login problems and stuff. I only ordered his head as I can't find a body that will fit his 11cm neck AND will match his resin. I've been snooping around flickr but owners got their dolls years back and since then, the resin has changed. I don't know how taobao works, but thank you very much for the link provided!! It was so helpful, I've never seen so many stores before! @_@ Since I live in UK, the link really helps since I can't find any UK BJD dealers except from Angelesque.

      Yeah, for some reason…I don't really like the idea of collecting girl dolls. I'm not sure why. Sure, I used to have Barbies and stuff….but now I don't really want any female dolls. If I do get one, it'll probably because I've got a male BJD and he needs a girlfriend. LOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sanaoria says:

    Hello , great page, but the second image in the Hyperon section may not be a hyperon.I have heard people say that the bigger dolls are heavy and a hassle to carry around to bjd meets, but my style is geared towards the bigger dolls. Because if I’m going to spend big money on a doll it better be a big one.though I honestly don’t like the thick body of the idealians72 the feet look really funny,that if you can’t find the right shoes they will look like Frankenstein’s shoes and I prefer a more model like body which isn’t as muscular and thick. But the bjd sculpts in that range are so pretty! So far my top faves are hyperon (all , since their all hyperon with a side title like mercenary, dhampir etc) and eden ordinary day. I like idle houses male bjd, and only the bodies of their females. I would buy a girl just to dress her up in things I couldn’t possible pull off and as a girlfriend or sister to another bjd.

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