More Bad Romances

Hey everyone, here comes an early Christmas post. Please find below the titles of really bad romances, some which are Christmas-themed. If you have not seen my first post concerning bad romances, these are posts dedicated in showing truly the best worst romantic novel covers and their titles. Please bear in mind that I’m not sure if I can post these up on wordpress due to the nature of some of these book covers, but anyhoo, I’m going to fire away!





Random photobombing dog, I love it XDyou don't say


NO. Just NO!

a mixture of jeremy renner and martin freeman


Ok, this one I didn’t think was that bad. The title is a bit ‘meh’. lol.


And this is why Warm Bodies is a Hollywood movie and not this one.


Poorly photoshopped kitty cat whoohoo!


Seriously?! To me this must be the most homophobic book title I have ever seen.


Nope I’m wrong, it’s this one.


If people are writing about Loch Ness Monster erotica, then the people at fanfiction who criticize authors who write OCs and Mary Sues are wasting their energy. Nuff said.


An actual dinosaur love story. Oh my gash what will people think of next?????


This had me cringing for about five minutes.


I think the lion is thinking “WTF!”


I laughed out loud at this one.


2 thoughts on “More Bad Romances

  1. sylri says:

    Wow, some of these are just beyond words.
    ‘A Christmas Boner’…. Not even trying to be subtle, huh?
    My friends would get a kick out of the triceratops one. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised there’s paleo-porn, but still!
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful gems with us! 😛

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