Otome Games of 2013

Hey guys! I have an exciting post about otome games today! I haven’t really been keeping up with otome games and haven’t bought any B’s-Log or Girl’s Style mags (sold them, actually lol)…I have too many things going on with my life and since otome games feel waaaaay too exclusive for Japanese audiences only, it’s pretty hard to keep up and keep interested >_> still, that didn’t stop me from having a snoop around to see what the year 2013 brought to us in otome games. Mind you, I think some of these are still in development/still to be released…

1. Dot Kareshi We’re 8bit Lovers!


So first up, we have Dot Kareshi We’re 8bit Lovers, which is an otome game that also has a sequel, Dot Kareshi II. Ohhhh I thought this was so cute until I read reviews saying that all the guys were perverts , and here I was pretty darn excited about this game. What interested me the most is that it is an RPG theme, in which you play the heroine who gets sucked into a verrrry old RPG you stopped playing eons ago and after leaving your party to rot away for some time, they’ve become a bit…well, crazy. I’ve Liked a few posts from other otome game writers so if you are interested, please check out their pages for more details 🙂 In the first game, you can choose either Hero, Mage, Thief or Priest. In the second game, you can choose Knight, Beastmaster, Dancer or Monk.


What’s so hilarious about this game is that yes, ALL the guys have become so warped they are utter perverts and they like you A LOT and the heroine has no lines apparently, only saying xxxxxx or angry speech bubble marks to show her reactions (which are equally hilarious by the way). The game also takes the mick out of all RPGs with characters moaning about how boring some quests are, from breaking pots and barrels in NPC’s homes just to get freebies and ‘equipping’ clothes that give stats boost with the guys literally stripping down in front of the poor heroine’s eyes just to put it on XDDDD Mmm sounds like my cup of tea.

Website: http://rejetweb.jp/dotkare/


2. Jewellic Nightmare

Hohohoho what have we here? This otome game gives me a Diabolik Lovers vibe for some reason (and I like Diabolik Lovers very much lol).


I am totally digging the guy’s designs for this game (one is even wearing a dress harhar), and the overall premise is very exciting, too. In real life, our heroine’s life revolves around many guys including the 24 year old handsome chef of the cafe Felice (must be the main guy since he’s on the cover art).


The game appears to challenge whether you like nice, normal everyday guys or if you like their hellish, cruel-tastic, sadistic counterparts which the heroine encounters in a nightmare dream world she has visit every night, forcing her to choose between reality or her dreams. Then again, are the nice, normal everyday guys truly that nice and normal as they seem?

Website: http://www.otomate.jp/jn/

jewellic nightmare1

3. Jyuuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden 2

OMFG I loved the first game. Now there’s a sequel announced. With MOAR fantastical eargasmic music. With MOAR characters. You just know the way to my heart, don’t you Idea Factory? Chouun, I’m back baby!!!!!!!!!!!!


Website: http://www.otomate.jp/jyuzaengi2/#/top

4.  Jooubachi no Kanbinaru Kougou


Huh, ok, this is a weird one. This is apparently a Rated 18 game in which there  are two heroines and the plot is that after the ‘Queen Bee’ dies, she is to take over and she also has 6 ‘bee drone workers’ or whatever the translated part said (not sure lol) but they ‘attend’ to her so AHEM! Yep, otome games can get so ornery like that. Hahaha. There are also supposed to be 6 Drama CDs much like Diabolik Lovers where you hear the voice actors making kissing/sucking noises to you, the player/listener…I find it weird that there is a market for these kinds of games/CDs, but people like it, so meh. PS I think this website also wins the Most Awkward Website To Scroll Down Award.

Website: http://hituzigumo.com/bee/

5. Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu


Ok, I don’t know much about this game, but the artwork is from the same artist who drew for Niise no Chigiri and Genroh so HELL YEAH I am already in love with this bubblegum pop pink bubbles ninja game. It reminds me of Ninja Love for Gree and you can choose any famous ninja you want to be with :3 It is so pink and dreamy though. OoooOOOoohhh so much pretty guys *3*


Website: http://www.otomate.jp/nin_koi/#/top


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