K-Pop Favourites of October 2013

Hey everyone; here are my favourite K-pop songs of October 2013 so far. I only have two though; here we have SHINee’s ‘Everybody’ in which the song and MV seems to be a nutcracker/airplane pilot/military/M-Bison from Streetfighter theme. Something about SHINee is that ALL their dances contain so much unique dance moves and there is so much power and energy in their performances and to see these young guys performing these at least more than 500 times really makes them something. Their songs are never the same and it’s amazing these guys can remember so much and their teamwork and synchronization is mind-boggling. I’m sure they’re pretty tired of performing Lucifer all the time, so now we have ‘Everybody’ (which looks even harder than Lucifer like x10).

Also, you might be aware that the South Korean girl group T-ara went under serious fire a while back regarding bullying. Essentially, there was a scandal in which T-ara members were accused of bullying one of their members (and rapper) Hwayoung. There was quite a lot of investigating and Hwayoung has left the group, This was a while ago so there was not much promotion on T-ara’s behalf except from one of their songs ‘Sexy Love’ after the scandal. Their newest member Areum was there for the promotion of Sexy Love but is not present for T-ara’s newest hit single ‘Number 9’ as sources say she has apparently decided to pursue a solo career (hmm, good luck with that).

Anyway, to see these girls bounce back from such negative press is…well, I’m not sure if the bullying claims were real, but here is T-ara’s new song. It is quite catchy and I like Jiyeon’s hair (I think she likes it a lot too).


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