The Post About Creepy, Weird Stuff

Hey everyone, I feel like blogging again! I guess this is an early Halloween treat as I really wanted to write about some things that I’ve always found interesting – Creepy, weird mysteries! (or maybe some have already been solved but as you may know, I am an outdated person). Anyway, the world is rife with mysteries and my post only contains less than 0.01% of mysteries accounted for in the history of mankind. Perhaps next time I’ll write about out-of-place artifacts, monolithic artifacts, UFOs, conspiracy theories, weird science, urban legends and other things that make you go Hmmm! For now, these five will have to do. Right then, let’s begin.

1. Devil’s Footprints.

This is something I actually studied in primary school – yes, Primary School…when I was eight years old or something. We studied this during an english lesson and there was an interesting excerpt about it that has gripped my mind even until now. Basically, the phenomenon ‘Devil’s Footprints’ took place in England 1855 after a night of heavy snowfall. The following morning, a trail of footprints were discovered that went on for about 40 to 100 miles. The reason they were called ‘Devil Footprints’ was because the footprints were ‘cloven’, ie, hoof-shaped and mostly single file. Many crazy theories popped up – from one-legged kangaroos hopping around the english countryside, the Jersey Devil searching for sinners, to people doing handstands with horseshoes on their hands.


Even up until this day, people still don’t know what may have created or caused these ‘devil’ tracks but If that doesn’t freak you out, wait until you hear this – the footprints travelled over houses, rivers haystacks and other obstacles – even snow-covered rooftops. Freaky!

2. The Wow! Signal

You’ve probably heard of this one already – but in 1977, a signal was detected by the ‘Big Ear telescope’ of the “Search For Extraterrestrial Life” worker Jerry Ehman. It lasted for 72 seconds and since then, has not been heard again. The reason it is called Wow! is because Mr Ehman circled the signal detection printout and wrote ‘wow!’ beside it; since then It has baffled scientists for over 35 years and although the signal has apparently been responded to, there has not been a response back.


The weird thing is that the signal was transmitted from a constellation 120 light years away from Earth somewhere deep in the star of Sagittarius. It is know that ‘if the signal came from extraterrestrials, they are likely to be an extremely advanced civilization, as the signal would have required a 2.2-gigawatt transmitter, vastly more powerful than any on Earth’. Maybe we are not alone after all…

3. Flannan Isles Lighthouse

You are probably wondering, “What is so creepy about a lighthouse?”


Well, this mystery is another topic I studied in primary school – basically the premise is this: a dark stormy night, severe weather, captain of a boat trying to come onto shore sees a non-functioning lighthouse, goes inside, finds that the three lighthouse keepers have vanished, nothing taken, no signs of robbery/violence… lighthouse keepers never to be found ever again. In December 1900, the three lighthouse keepers – Ducat, Marshall and Macarthur – were missing from the lighthouse. A search was conducted on the rest of the island but the men were never found and haven’t been seen since.

Many theories popped up regarding this: “one keeper had murdered the other two and then thrown himself into the sea in a fit of remorse; that a sea serpent (or giant sea bird) had carried the men away; that they had been abducted by foreign spies; or that they had met their fate through the malevolent presence of a boat filled with ghosts.” Spooky!

4. Nazca lines

Yep, the famous Nazca Lines are something I think are worth mentioning in this post. They are giant drawings in the ground ranging from monkeys, spiders, lizards and people, speculated to have been created by the ancient Nazca culture between 400-650 AD and are so large that they can be seen from space! What are the purpose of these lines? Many people believe they could be ‘runways’ for spacecraft, or they are to be seen by “gods in the sky”, ie, aliens, I do believe that refers to.


The reason why I mention this is because of UFO theories where aliens visited the earth eons ago and helped develop human civilization…however, humans were too primitive to understand the alien’s advanced technology and culture. Instead, they referred to these beings, or ‘ancient astronauts’, to be gods and deities and made statues, paintings and other artifacts in their image. It’s really interesting if you put your mind to it. Prometheus, anyone?

ancient as


I think this GIF fits in nicely here –

must resist

5. Houska Castle

Houska castle is a Gothic edifice in the Czech Republic most notably believed to be built over a bottomless pit that leads to Hell (it is alleged to be underneath the chapel of the castle). As one source states: “One legend claims that in the 13th century, King Ottokar II of Bohemia (or else a nobleman of the Dubá clan) offered a pardon to any condemned prisoner who consented to be lowered into the pit and report what he saw. The first prisoner lasted only a few seconds before he began screaming. When he was pulled back up, the story goes, his hair had turned white and it seemed he’d aged 30 years—and he babbled incoherently about half-human creatures who flapped through the darkness of grotesque wings.” Other reports say the prisoner died days after. The castle’s defenses are also built not facing outside, but inside, as though to keep something inside from getting out. Creepy!!!

I think I know where to visit next time I go to holiday!

Um...maybe not...

Um…maybe not…

Anyway, that’s all I have for now! I hope you enjoyed this post! happy early Halloween everyone!


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