Want Your Bad Romance!

Hey everyone, apologies for lack of posts. Nothing interesting going on with my life worth blogging unless it includes how much I am hating my current job at the moment and looking at tumblr really brightens up the rest of my day, such as this Tumblr I found which features the Worst Romantic Fiction Titles and their Covers. I apologise if you happen to see this and your romance novel is uploaded here on display; it is not intended to make anyone feel bad. If it makes you feel better, as I said before, I work at a cruddy job and these really brighten me day! So let’s get on with this post, shall we?

Right, so here we have…

tumblr_mpa20aVjRb1r4sqyeo1_500This is apparently a book. Really.


A romance titled ‘Spells and Bananas’. Mmm can’t imagine what that might be about.

tumblr_m48hvuoLxT1r4sqyeo1_500From what this book cover suggests her secret wish is to get it on with that dude while a child watches. Lovely.


Look at how uncomfortable that guy looks. It’s like ‘Hahaha….ha…um, yeah’.


As the Tumblr comment says: ‘I must have missed the episode where Dean Winchester from Supernatural becomes the Goblin King’.


Am I allowed to post this up on wordpress? it’s just the naked chest of a man plus a tentacle. Eep.


There should be a fanfiction genre for THIS if people are writing about this!


One word: WHAT.


I don’t think this will win any photoshopping award. No siree.

So yes, that’s all I’ve got so far. These are quite recent book covers found by the tumblr called ‘Bad Romances’. Check it out if you’re interested!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Want Your Bad Romance!

    • Fish and Chips says:

      You’re welcome! I know these crack me up whenever I am feeling upset haha XDDD There are tonnes more of these bad romances covers that make me lol and some are really….graphical cover/title-wise…think there’s one called ‘Now that I’m a Ghost I’m Gay’ LOL but I was worried about wordpress probably taking that down I think bad romances can be a niche!!!

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