Tutorial: Tools of a Digital Artist

Hey guys…. sorry!!!!! I’m sorry for not updating for about…a month TT_TT Maybe more. I’ve been really busy with, well, life…yeah, and the first thing I post up after a long hiatus is an art tutorial ^_^” Well, it’s not necessary an art tutorial, just me showing you guys the tools of a digital artist. It’s not the best tutorial, because a lot of stuff is unfortunately stuck on my old laptop which I can’t even get to switch on 😦

Anyway, today, let’s talk about stuff a digital artist uses, compared to a traditional artist. Firstly, there’s no need to splash hurdles and hurdles of your hard-earned cash on supplies like paper, ink, pens, copic markers and other stuff. Everything’s there on your computer.

However, what you DO need to do…

…is invest in a good tablet.

A tablet is basically this:


Notice where the white arrows are pointing to? Yes, that’s a tablet. It’s connected to my laptop. Basically the tablet is a smooth pad that comes with a ‘pen’ and once you install it, it acts as a mouse but you can also draw with it when you use an art software like Paint Tool Sai. I have a Bamboo wacom (or is it wacom bamboo?), it’s an old model (there are nicer looking ones out now…) but it’s also the cheapest model out there because I’m still an amateur artist and to be honest, my Bamboo tablet does its job really well so I didn’t see a point in buying an intuos or whatever new Bamboo tablet is out these days. My tablet is good enough for me 🙂

Right, so after you invest in a tablet that will allow you to draw, you will need software next. Unfortunately, I only have Manga Studio at the moment because Paint Tool is trapped in my old laptop so this is all I can show. Manga Studio is effective if you want to draw manga because it allows you to draw basic pictures like this without emphasis on colour:


This is a picture I drew of Hibari from KHR which I never bothered to clean up or post up on deviantart (I mean, look at the way I drew Hibird…). But you get the drift, yes? As I mentioned in a previous post, Manga Studio is great for lineart, shading and tone. To show you what Manga Studio on my PC looks like, here it is:

original luther1

You get the layer panel, pen tools and other similar functions to photoshop or paint. (Yes it’s an old picture, sorry, I haven’t drawn for donkeys…I have no motivation TT_TT”). I use the Pen tool, mostly the G-pen or the Maru-pen. I use G-pen for basic lines, and Maru (which is a thinner pen) for drawing hair and finer lines.

You can also create ‘pages’ with your own choice of panels, like this for example (I used a page with 2 panels):


DEAR LORD PLEASE FORGIVE THE CRAPPINESS OF THIS PICTURE I DREW! *_*I am such a lazy a$$, seriously! But yeah, I drew that when I was still in the Vampire and Werewolf phase. I’m not anymore sadly. Okay, so let me show you what that picture looked like before I tidied it up:


Heehee! See! I am brave enough to upload such embarrassing pictures. So that’s what that picture looked like when I drew it initially, before I stuck a new layer on and redrew it (which took hours). The only thing I really changed was the grin lol.

There isn’t much I can really talk about regarding digital tools because that’s all there is – a good tablet and software. It’s a lot easier because if you make mistakes, you can rub out or add a new layer and delete the old one, meaning you don’t have to start alllllll over again if you mess up a painting or something along the lines like that. Plus, everything’s provided, from colouring to pens and erasers and other things you’ll usually have to get by splurging a tonne of money! (which is why I prefer digital art nowadays). Anyway, although it was brief…I hope you found this insightful and inspiring…


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